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Chris Hipkins to be confirmed as Prime Minister on Sunday as only nomination.
Who is Chris Hipkins, set to become New Zealand's newest Prime Minister? https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national...to-become-new-zealand-s-newest-prime-minister
I couldn't help but laugh at this gem:

But, in June last year, Hipkins was removed as Covid-19 minister and replaced Poto Williams as police minister. Williams had not responded well to issues like ram raids and Auckland's gang shootings, and Ardern said at the time of the reshuffle that Hipkins' degree in criminology and interest in the youth justice space made him a good fit for the role.

Because you "studied" something and you have an "interest" in something, it makes you a good fit for such a high profile role. What a joke. A symptom of what's wrong with many political/appointed positions.
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Because you "studied" something and you have an "interest" in something, it makes you a good fit for such a high profile role. What a joke. A symptom of what's wrong with many political/appointed positions.

To be fair, at least having some interest is a significant improvement over Poto Williams who made it very clear that she had zero interest in the Police Minister role.
This says it all...business confidence it at the lowest level since 1951. Doing business in cindy world is full of joy.

'We're doing too much': Chris Hipkins prepares to cut Government policies​

“We're different people, we've got a different style,” he told The AM Show."

Professional politicians, the ones with little real world experience and being a politician is all they wanted to be feel they have to leave a legacy built on proto ideology,.. world first moments. That's why I liked Trump he just wanted to smooth things out and make life better for Americans.

With cindy it was all follow me but it ended up her dragging us along. She seems to be delusional.
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To be fair, at least having some interest is a significant improvement over Poto Williams who made it very clear that she had zero interest in the Police Minister role.
Fair enough.

Nine out of 10 hateful posts tracked in darkest corners of the internet targeted Ardern - new study

An online hate tracker found Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was the target of 93% of toxic posts against seven high profile politicians and officials, with a total of 5438 abusive messages.
Auckland University researchers analysed the darkest corners of the internet for posts mentioning Ardern and six unnamed politicians and bureaucrats, from 2019 to 2022.
Senior lecturer in politics and international relations, Chris Wilson, said Ardern was overwhelmingly the target both of all posts, and of those deemed hateful or toxic.
By that definition this is forum is in a darkest corner .

Jacinda Ardern will need police protection after standing down as Prime Minister - experts

Jacinda Ardern will need special police bodyguard protection well beyond the end of her time as Prime Minister even as new figures show the extent of the abuse she faced. Security and disinformation experts spoken to by the Herald say there would be cause to maintain protection after Ardern steps down and into the future. It comes as University of Auckland researchers dive into data showing Ardern was the target of consistent abuse and threats well beyond others. Those researchers pulled posts relating to Ardern and six other bureaucrats and politicians from some of the internet’s less regulated regions - 4Chan, 8kun, Telegram and Reddit - and found 93 per cent of abusive, angry or threatening messages were aimed at the Prime Minister.

At least eight people have been charged with threatening to kill the Prime Minister during her term. The Herald is aware of evidence to emerge in other cases showing violent intent towards Ardern, including a video in which her image was repeatedly shot at close range by someone using a silenced rifle with telescopic sights.

The Disinformation Project director Kate Hannah, who studies the impact of false and misleading information, said the online abuse aimed at Ardern did not just come from the darker corners of the internet.

Rather, she said abuse was also prolific on mainstream social media channels with a scan of Facebook after Ardern’s resignation revealing untoward comments from people she considered regular citizens.

That included caricatures of Ardern which might not be considered abusive by some. “The long bow from ‘Cindy’ to the c-word - for me, that’s one step away from the next c-word.”

Hannah said the aftermath of March 15 saw Ardern wearing a hijab and was then followed by prompt action to ban military-style semi-automatic weapons. “That’s when things started to significantly shift in how she was described.”

She said those targeting Ardern included people who had been led by others to form the views they held or who phrased opposition in ways that had been encouraged or established by others with more extreme positions.

“I think there’s a lot of people who don’t realise how manipulated they have been.” Hannah said the polarisation in our communities and the abuse aimed at Ardern - and other female leaders - “doesn’t exist in a bubble”.

Funny but I've always nicknamed her Taxcindy an the basis of her stupid ideas. Latterly Cindy as she can no longer create some new tax to pay for her stupid nuclear moment ideas as she liked to phrase them . For example her world first one and only farmer targeted carbon tax. AT the very least maintain competition and let the richer EU and California do it first.

So what is this disinformation project who's director says the Cindy is code for the Cword. The level of ridiculous notions that comes from these left agencies needs therapy.
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As I understand it, she basically stepped down to avoid being voted out of office?

All of it in a tearfully manner.

As usual, I’m only an outsider. What exactly has she accomplished? Grabbing guns, heavily tax her own population and wearing a headscarf because some Aussie dimwit went on a rampage against Muslims?
She was notorious for picking on less in vogue small groups with weak cohesive responses or were anti her policies and gradually increased it to everyone.
She thought she was the immune one and the world star of the left, comrade. Its all been discussed on here ...not just her gun stuff.
They forget Helen Clarke and ideas like a 30 second shower to save power and water. She was also derided. Key was equally derided by the left. Yet he left the economy (rock star economy) doing really well without need for the 30 second shower.
Of course John Key has gone on to be NZ's version of Gerhardt Schroder with respect to China. Even Judith Collins pales by comparison to how deep into the dragons butt he has gone.
Category thunderstorm. Weather forecasters missed predicting Auckland's biggest rain dump.
Mayor Wayne Brown’s handling of the Auckland floods has the Government poised to strengthen a proposed emergency management law, that could allow the National Emergency Management Agency to intervene if local leaders fail to act.
Brown and his council have faced growing criticism since Friday evening, when Auckland was deluged by 249mm of rain – the city’s wettest day on record – causing extensive flooding, damage and killing four people.
Much of the criticism has centred on a lack of communication with the public and the mayor’s signing of a state of emergency declaration – which provides emergency responders certain powers and allows for central government support – at 9.27pm, when the flooding emergency was already well under way, and his making this publicly known nearly an hour later.
“I don't think I personally did any wrong, but I actually followed the instructions closely ... one of the things we're going to review is whether or not all those instructions were as clear as they might have been as well,” Brown said on Monday.
Cloe Swarbrick blames politicians for Auckland bad flooding. As Green MP for Auckland it's funny.

“I can’t begin to fathom what was going through their heads, but I’ve definitely seen over the past few years that we have continued to build out our bureaucracies at every single level of Government to effectively be super risk-averse.

“And being super risk-averse when we are facing the greatest kind of flooding and crises that any of us have in our lifetimes here in Tāmaki Makaurau at this scale didn’t benefit anyone.”
Blame everyone one else.
The issue of co-governance has become a controversy lightning rod over the past 12 months.

New Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has acknowledged the Government was facing significant backlash to ideas of co-governance and even owned up to Labour erring in its messaging around the concept.

The lack of clear messaging has contributed to heavy criticism being levelled at the Three Waters scheme, which features a number of co-governance elements in the proposed legislation. This has galvanised opposition to what would otherwise have been seen as a dull, but necessary water management plan for the country.

NZ Herald senior political correspondent Audrey Young tells The Front Page podcast that Hipkins faces a tough job in explaining to the public the Government’s plans for co-governance, particularly in regard to co-governance.
She says this challenge is made all the more difficult by the fact that former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern did not do a good enough job of bringing the public along and outlining why this approach was necessary.

“I think it’s perhaps one of her biggest failures,” says Young.

“While she had a very good relationship with Māori, I don’t think she thought very hard about the non-Māori side of the Crown. It’s possible that she thought any anxiety was not warranted and so she never paid it any attention. But whether it’s warranted or not, it needs to be addressed.”

Young says that Hipkins has recognised that anxiety and understands that the onus now rests on him to ease those concerns.

So the qualified bachelor in communication studies Taxcindy gave us the wrong message and now they are rebranding it from co-governance to mahitahi....

He suspects Hipkins will stick to the idea of co-governance, but won't call it that. Instead it may be called mahitahi, or "working together".

But its the still the same thing.
The first nobel prize in economics awarded to a woman was that resources are better managed at the local level and not centralized... bundled up, divided again such as the bonkers authoritarian types in labour prefer.
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NZ a the petri dish of the left/UN agenda.

As Prime Minister Chris Hipkins jets off to Canberra to meet his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese for the first time, he will hold talks with a Government struggling with its own version of co-governance and with a treasurer under fire after penning a 6000-word essay calling for capitalism to be reinvented
Albanese, 59 and Hipkins, 44, are in some ways similar. Both men have made a career in politics, Albanese on the party side and as a staffer and Hipkins as a staffer. Both were left-wing activists in their youth. Neither are massively imbued with traditional charisma, but both are a tonic of normal after the abnormal Covid years.
While Hipkins is carefully looking to recalibrate the politics around co-governance in New Zealand leading up to October's poll, Albanese is fully leaning into his own indigenous reform: the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.
Albanese is spending significant political capital backing the voice, which will institutionalise an indigenous advisory board that will sort of sit alongside the Australian Parliament. It will be enshrined in Australia’s constitution. It would be able to table advice and advise the Parliament on policy.

Albanese should have advised Taxcindy to change the name from the obvious "co-governance" naturally extra bureaucratic that every adolescent lefty adores and to the more mature voter a reason to not tick that box.
"The voice" sounds more like some TV unobtrusive contest run by Simon Cowell. Bound to confound many Aussie voters.

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