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My Ukrainian "non-brothers" are rebelling again))))

Ukraine ... Ukraine never changes ...

It's called protest. In normal countries people are allowed to do that. Except in Russian occupied parts of them, where Soviet rule is resurrected by the "liberators". Like Crimea for example:




Nazism in Ukraine

During World War II, Bandera led the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, whose men killed thousands of Jews and Poles, including women and children, while fighting alongside Nazi Germany against the Red Army and communists.

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In Lviv, Bandera’s birthplace, events celebrating him were also held and attended by many officials including Maxim Kozitsky, the head of the Lviv region. He and other officials laid wreaths on a monument for Bandera.
Though I despise nazism, but saying the Bandera fought with nazis in not completely correct (I suggest you reading history a bit). They fought with them in the 1941 against USSR, however unit was soon disbanded and the remains of it fought against the very same Nazis and USSR. They reason they joined Nazis at that time was because Germany told to support them to fight USSR, however they understood soon that Nazis are the same thing, just different color.

About the pictures posted above: there are some idiots here, however they are in a small number (not more than in any other European country) and generally have no relation to people supporting Bandera / nationalists / army.
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What military activities in Ukraine? ...

The point is the things they have been doing are done through SVR, cyber warfare and retired personnel so they are deniable. Guaranteed that they won't stop with those so these would be empty promises where as weapon sales to Ukraine are official and NATO countries would be dumb/naive enough to stick to their end of the deal when definately non-Russian Russians continue arming rebels and scamming companies.
The Netherlands will be deploying two F-35s and an LPD to Bulgaria in April and May as well as having two units on standby as part of the Initial Follow-on Forces Group (IFFG) of the NATO Response Force (NRF). The F-35s will be performing Quick Reaction Alert over NATO airspace in response to the Russian troop buildup near Ukraine.

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