Terror Christchurch shootings: New Zealand in shock after mosque attacks

Although this is a tragic story and I am appalled by the actions of this man it has been suggested that it fits well within the realms of a political thread, I agree considering we a re now discussing the pro's and cons of gun ownership and certain governments banning certain weapons.
All I ask is that we show a little dignity when we reply in order to remember those who lost their lives and whom they left behind.
Disarming law abiding citizens only makes it easier for terrorists to kill innocent people. They will always have weapons because laws mean nothing to them. I remain a strong proponent of licensed concealed carry. Successful applicants would be screened and educated - and would also have to demonstrate competence with a gun before a license would be issued.

The main argument for concealed carry: when seconds count, police are only minutes away.

I agree 100%. Any anti-firearm legislation will not keep criminals and evil persons will find a way to get weapons unlawfully.

Here in Iowa many citizens have CCW(Carry Concealed Weapons) permits. Veterans like myself can get a CCW in very short order. All you need is your car keys..to get to the sheriff office. DD-214..honorable discharge paper. $50 bucks American and a quick background check and in a matter of a few days you have a CCW. Honorably discharged Veterans do no need to go to a firearms safety course.
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Life in prison, no parole, first time in NZ.
Debate on sending him back to OZ to serve life so we don't have to pay for it. Couldn't care less, just put him in general population till he leaves in a body bag.