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Be interesting to see which direction he is on his firearms act. The cops are making a mess of it. The arms officers are dyslexic or lie as they each have their own firearms act and firearms resolution rewrite it from day to day and to disagree to their adhoc ideas you have to go to court. Total waste of taxpayers money and time.
For one who portrays as a statesman legislator and lawyer it is hard not to laugh and god help us.
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Before the election...
Green Party co-leader James Shaw has compared the language of New Zealand First leader Winston Peters to former US president Donald Trump, saying it may be emboldening violence against candidates.

It comes after several candidates from different parties have spoken out about being targeted, including a home invasion on Te Pāti Māori's youngest candidate, an assault on a Labour candidate, and another Labour candidate saying she has faced the "worst comments and vitriol" this campaign.

After they lost.... Green MP calls for a Jewish holocaust at a rally and the Maori say they will go to war.
Hipkins led his party to its worst defeat since 2014 (for a more humiliating result before that you have to travel all the way back in time - yep like The Terminator - to 1922) but he has emerged victorious. After a tiring and farcical game of will-we-won’t-we-rule-it-in-rule-it-out-rule-it-in-again the wealth tax and capital gains tax are potentially back on.

These are the real agendas of those that were running the country.
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More importantly, from the NZ Herald, there were human errors in the count that saw votes go to minor parties from National.

"The Electoral Commission is undertaking “a full check” of the country’s voting results after a Herald investigation led to three booths being found to have wrongly assigned hundreds of votes to fringe parties, while the National Party received none.

The commission has admitted a data entry error led to hundreds of votes being assigned to the Leighton Baker Party and the New Conservatives.

“A full check of all voting place results is being undertaken immediately to establish if there are any other transcription errors,” the commission said."

Uncovered by the Herald, not by any public service run quality survey.
Incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon is now being openly mocked and ridiculed by political commentators for his failure to achieve a coalition government. There are certainly signs that Luxon hasn’t managed the process well, and raising questions about competency at this early stage is a poor start to government.

The most savage criticism of Luxon is coming from the political right. Today rightwing political commentator and former National Beehive staffer Matthew Hooton has a scathing column in the Herald giving his account, obviously based on insider leaks, of how the negotiations have unfolded. Hooton paints a picture of National’s negotiations as a failure, caused by Luxon’s arrogance and hubris.
Hooton records Luxon’s criticisms immediately after the election of how previous prime ministers have conducted coalition negotiations and his claims that “I’ve done a lot of mergers and acquisitions”. With the exception of the Air New Zealand-Virgin alliance that broke up when he was chief executive, there is little evidence of any other mergers Luxon worked on in his business career.
A very short honeymoon.
The leftist media will take any opportunity to undermine this government, notwithstanding a vainglorious right wing commentator looking for relevance and a narcissist looking for a seat in cabinet. The country is running perfectly fine without any of them. Besides, last time it took this long involved Winston First also.
13 hours ago — I am a strong supporter of a National lead government. We need a referendum. Time to put ancestral advantages behind us and become New Zealanders first

A post of Luxon's FB page followed by a tirade of support for it.
Now to see if they can hold it together for a full term? 🤔
Found this channel

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