Russian T-72A MBT seen on front row of AFV's during one of the joint CSTO exercises in Tajikistan.

On Tuesday, January 30, a photo of the prototype of the Russian BTR-22 wheeled armored personnel carrier during tests appeared on the X social media platform.

The vehicle's hull was based on the experience of the Russian arms industry with wheeled BMP K-17 (BMP-K) WPK-7829 and BTR K-16 WPK-7829 on the Bumierang platform.
Similarly to Western designs, the power unit was moved to the front of the hull, and the landing compartment door was placed at the rear. This eliminated the biggest problem of the BTR-60/70/80/82A/90 family of vehicles. The vehicle's crew consists of two soldiers (commander and driver), and the number of soldiers transported in the vehicle is eight soldiers. It is a floating vehicle, so its combat weight does not exceed 20 tons. It is 7,560 mm long, 2,985 mm wide, 3,020 mm high, and the ground clearance is 475 mm.It is equipped with a 330 HP diesel engine, which gives it a maximum speed of up to 100 km/h. The level of ballistic and anti-mine protection was also to be increased - it provides crew protection against fire from a 12.7 mm x 108 round with a B-32 missile and detonation of the equivalent of 6 kg of TNT. The tested vehicle was equipped with a BPPU-1 turret armed with a 30-mm 2A72 automatic cannon with a theoretical rate of fire of 330 shots/min. and a 7.62-mm PKTM machine gun. In the case of the Ballista turret module, in addition to the same armament mentioned above (with a cannon version with a higher theoretical rate of fire), a double launcher for 9M113M Konkurs-M anti-tank guided missiles was also used. The vehicle does not have a rear ramp - instead, a single door is installed for soldiers transported in the vehicle.

The vehicle officially debuted on August 14, 2023 during "Armija-2023" ("Армия - 2023") exhibition. It was then integrated with the BPPU-1 unmanned turret known from the BTR-82A armored personnel carriers. However, at the end of the month, a photo of another vehicle with a Ballista turret appeared.

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