Other Post What do you think of the Russian Federation's military?

Personally I have always liked the Russian equipment albeit it is now very dated. I don't know what efforts they are currently making to upgrade kit.
When I joined the Army in 1983 I was first posted to Germany BAOR (British Army of the Rhine) I recall at that time everybody had a real respect for Russian military equipment and troops.
It seems the equipment they use now has changed very little since then, upgrades yes but new kit? haven't seen much. That said I accept that some kit probably doesn't need changing, the AK series of guns is a good example of that.
The Russian military are very experienced in combat and would still be a formidable enemy. Conflicts such as Chechnya will no doubt be good proving grounds for new troops, just like northern Ireland was for the Brits.

Just read an article about the proposed ne Russian Tank codenamed 'Armata' Gonna look for more information

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