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  1. Dirites

    Photos Daily photos

    A place where everyone can post daily photos German-Dutch Special Operations Advisory Team (SOAT) trains the Afghan Territorial Force 888
  2. Bombardier

    Photos Military Photos Taken Just At The Right Moment

    These photos are all hosted on IMGUR (Not my account) The only danger using somebody else's uploaded images to Imgur is that they could delete the pics or change them to something less appropriate. That said on your own account that should not be an issue. Imgur is a very useful service otherwise
  3. saiga

    Photos Aerial Photographs Of Ww1 Trenches

    Follow the links, browse the site, go nuts :) La Bassée Canal
  4. Centauro

    Photos Italian Military Photos

    Elements of Reggimento Lagunari "Serenissima" with Beretta ARX-160 rifle Reggimento Lagunari "Serenissima" IT Army soldier with Beretta ARX-160 rifle Soldiers of Brigata Aeromobile "Friuli" equipped with Beretta SC70/90 rifle disembark from an Agusta-Bell AB412 helicopter IT Army...
  5. Firefox

    Photos Southern, Central & Northern African Military Photos

    Following on from the other countries Military Photo threads I thought I would create one for Central & Southern African Forces. Here are some I found in our Media Galleries
  6. Bombardier

    Photos Dutch Military Photos

    Thought I would start the thread covering the Dutch Military, so if we have any Dutch viewers lurking here this is your opportunity to show off your Country's military Elite, Past & Present The Royal Dutch Army Photos shared from Facebook page of the Royal Dutch Army - Koninklijke Landmacht...
  7. Bombardier

    Photos United States Military Photos

    Thought I would start the thread covering the Unites States Military, so if we have any Americans lurking here this is your opportunity to show off your Country's military Elite, Past & Present. Alliance Ground Surveilance Aircraft by Bombardier posted Jan 7, 2016 at 2:47 PM US Military A-10...
  8. olarhat

    Photos Ukraine Vs Russia 2014-2021

    Russians media tell to everyone about "Civil war in Ukraine". But it is real russian invasion in Ukraine. And I want to demonsrate it) I prepared collection of photos with newest russian weapon in Donbass region. Small arms VSS Vintoryez - Russian Special Forces Sniper Rifle (In the Russian...
  9. Bigbird

    Photos Finland (winter War)

    I thought these photos of a quirky Finnish vehicle called (I Think) an 'Aerosled' would interest some of you. They are free to use according to the source website as long as the website is credited. They were used by Finnish troops during the 'Winter War'
  10. Smiffy

    Photos Norwegian Military (Forsvaret)

    The following pictures are taken from the Norwegian Armed Forces Website Use is permitted for Non Commercial use. The rules for use can be found here Norwegian soldier on exercise Viking Ymer The purpose of exercise Viking Ymer is to conduct training in offensive and defensive activities in...
  11. Bombardier

    Photos Russian military

    Following photos courtesy of and are governed by Creative Commons licence Photos show 'Day of the Navy' I love that last photo, the old sailor looks really pleased to be sat next to his president ;)
  12. H

    Photos Spanish Military

    Hey guys I start this thread to post some images and documentation of the Spanish Armed forces.
  13. I

    Photos Pakistan Military Photos

    Pakistan Air Force Museum, Karachi
  14. Squad photo

    Squad photo

    This photo was taken just before we performed our passin out drill test.
  15. Lil Margaret

    Lil Margaret

    Fresh out of the paint shop , my friend Butch Schroeder's photo reconnaissance P-51 Mustang. It is the only flying photo-recon Mustang in the world. He totally diassembled it ,and rebuilt it here in Danville,Illinois at Mid-West Aero Restorations (a world leader in P-51 Mustang restorations)as...
  16. Spitfire PRXIX

    Spitfire PRXIX

    Photo Recce Spitfire used at the later stages of WW2
  17. Bunker 73 Iraq 91

    Bunker 73 Iraq 91

    This photo, taken on February 10, 1991, shows the "bunker 73" area, where more than 2,000 Iraqi rockets containing sarin and cyclosarin nerve agents.
  18. Bombardier

    photography Photography by James Nachtwey

    James Nachtwey grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Dartmouth College, where he studied Art History and Political Science (1966-70). Images from the Vietnam War and the American Civil Rights movement had a powerful effect on him and were instrumental in his decision to become a...