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    WWII in contemporary Russian propaganda

    I decided to start a thread like this, as there are these campaigns against all neighboring countries of Russia. I can talk about campaign against Finland. Russia is now stating that Finland's actions in WWII constituted a genocide. Finland of course de facto took part in blockade of...
  2. AAR Galileo

    Article The french-soviet air force visit during the Cold War

    Two time during the cold war (1971 and 1978), french air force visit the Soviet Union with Mirage IIIC and the Soviet send some Mig-21 to France. Mirage III at Domodedovo airport. Mig-21 at the Reims Air force base The story:
  3. Soviet T-72 tanks in its den

    Soviet T-72 tanks in its den

  4. German Invasion of the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa

    German Invasion of the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa

  5. saiga

    Article Operation Danube

    “Smutek a zmar. Fotografie Dušana Neumanna z 21. srpna 1968“ (Sorrow and Destruction. Pictures from 21st August 1968) I wanted to put it here sooner but I spent the last weekend at the range with the...
  6. Bombardier

    Photos Russian military

    Following photos courtesy of and are governed by Creative Commons licence Photos show 'Day of the Navy' I love that last photo, the old sailor looks really pleased to be sat next to his president ;)
  7. P18 "Spoon Rest D" Radar

    P18 "Spoon Rest D" Radar

    Soviet P-18 radar in with Parol IFF
  8. ZSU-57-2


    ZSU-57-2 57 mm Self-Propelled Anti aircraft
  9. German Soviet military parade

    German Soviet military parade

    A Soviet T-26 light tank drives past a German motorcycle platoon during a German-Soviet military parade celebrating the successful invasion and occupation of Poland by both countries in accordance with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact signed a month earlier. Brest-Litovsk, Poland (now Belarus). 22nd...
  10. Russian vehicles

    Russian vehicles

  11. Soviet Komintern artillery tractor

    Soviet Komintern artillery tractor

    The Komintern artillery tractor was based on the suspension of the T-12 tank and later the T-24 (2,000 built from 1935 to 1941), powered by a 131-hp diesel engine. Despite the dismal fate of its predecessor tanks, the tractor was more successful and was put into mass production. Of course, the...
  12. Soviet Troops

    Soviet Troops

  13. Zukov


  14. Roads to Sortavala

    Roads to Sortavala

    All roads to Sortavala were full of abandoned Soviet vehicles in August 1941.
  15. How to skii

    How to skii

    Winter War. Soviet "How to skii" text book. Found from fallen Soviet soldier after Raate Roads motti battles January 1940.
  16. General motti

    General motti

    Winter War. When Soviets were in General motti (surrounded), they formed several round defence lines. Part of tanks were dug into ground as stationary artillery stations as in photo.
  17. Finnish artillery

    Finnish artillery

    Finnish artillery firing Soviet troops 1st December 1939 in Petsamo, Northern Finland. Finnish artillery guns are from year 1887.
  18. For soviet troops

    For soviet troops

    WWII. Finnish Army leaflet printed for Soviet troops. We do not want a war. we do not want to suffer. we do not want to die. we want to live.
  19. Viipuri 20th June 1944

    Viipuri 20th June 1944

    Soviet troops marching to empty town of Viipuri 20th June 1944. Soviet photo.
  20. Destroyed BTR-60

    Destroyed BTR-60

    Afghan soldiers pose on a knocked out Soviet BTR-60 APC. Anti-tank weapons supplied by western powers played a large role in the Mujahadeens operations against soviet armour.