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Apr 13, 2019
It's our turn to influence the choice of PM, an increasingly rare occurrence these days...

Bill is struggling to answer questions about his electric car and carbon emission policies.
Scomo is struggling by being in the Libs.
Poor old Phelpsy is having all her posters pinched.
And the greens are being crucified by ratbag vegan activist halfwits who have no concept of time and place.
Labor out to $1.25 on the sports betting sites, I think they were at $1.05 before the election date was announced.

We've had Easter and ANZAC day, now for the long uninterrupted run to polling day.
Yep, I can't wait! gif,003

Scott Morrison's re-election strategy relies on him passing the 'pub test'
By political reporter Jane Norman
Updated Wed at 10:01am

Scott Morrison, with a beer in his hand, smiles at a man sitting next to him at the bar.PHOTO: The key question for Scott Morrison will be whether he passes the pub test. (AAP)

Imagine if the entire campaign to convince a few million undecided voters who's best to lead the nation for the next three years came down to one attribute: a natural ease for drinking beer.

Unthinkable? Maybe. But not entirely.

Subtly but deliberately, Scott Morrison's re-election strategy relies in no small way on him passing the "pub test".

It's a forum for political evaluation the Prime Minister's chosen for himself and the logic behind it is obvious: to turn his consistent lead over Bill Shorten on measures like "preferred prime minister" into actual votes.

Call it the likeability or relatability factor — Mr Morrison reckons he's got it and has found a place to get more of it.

In almost two weeks observing the Prime Minister on the campaign trail, he's shown an unerring habit of seeking out an RSL or hotel, with a beer in hand, meeting the locals and (on at least one occasion) calling the bingo. There is method to it.

While Mr Morrison mingles, a photo of him is uploaded to his Instagram account, often accompanied by a self-deprecating comment.

It's an orchestrated media strategy aimed at showing voters he's just a regular bloke and no longer the shouty "stop the boats" persona he embodied as immigration minister.

"We haven't had a lot of time to introduce him to the Australian public, so we're kind of doing that at warp speed," one Liberal insider told the ABC.
Each time the Prime Minister travels, his advisers try to squeeze in an unannounced visit to a cafe strip or pop into a pub for a counter meal, because they have observed that when he meets people, they seem to like him.
Does Australia have socialized funeral care? It seems like cremation would be a hot issue in a country with a 100% death rate. What's the point of health care? In less time than it took to read this an Austalien shopping cart killed someone a few years ago. The victim died instantly. What medicine cures that? Wasn't that a wake up call? It makes me wonder if they even use warning labels down there under. How about mandatory life insurance? What if a dingo eats the baby? Are the elections toxic? Just asking.
Destitute funerals are handled state to state in slightly different ways.
Health care is reasonably handy, saves us all from dying before we finish school.
Not all shopping trolley incidents are lethal, in fact one was used to combat a terrorist last year, with no trolley related fatality occurring.
Oh we have warning labels, this may be the biggest nanny state in the developed world. We have labels on top of labels.
Life insurance isn't mandatory, neither is health insurance, however the excess in your taxes makes you think twice about not taking health insurance up.
The dingo to baby eating ratio is quite low. About the same as Florida men being killed by Cassowary.
The elections are about 5% as toxic as American ones. Run and won in about 6 weeks, which barely leaves enough time to drink pots in pubs and kiss a few babies.
Labor out to $1.25 on the sports betting sites, I think they were at $1.05 before the election date was announced.

Labor out to $1.32, the coalition moving back to $3.40.
ALP at $1.33 after last nights debate.
Ch 7 had Shorten winning the debate on the back of it's studio audience of 48 undecided voters. Ch 9 had Morrison in front by about 9500 -4900 in its viewer poll. The debate was panned on social media, with a common comment being "Fools on stools", Basil Zemphlis, not content with ruining footy coverage, stepped in and bollocksed up the debate with pointless interjections. The weird format added to the general ballsed up theme.
As soon as I read that Basil was going to be the point man I just knew he would make a ballsup of it. I don't know how they gave it to Shorten, the man couldn't lie straight in bed.

"Fools on stools" pretty much covers it :(

Here we have, fools on stools, and Basil almost toppling over with the weight of his nose causing an unbalance.
Democracy Sausages tomorrow. Bob Hawke died yesterday, which is bound to sling a few sympathetic votes to the ALP. Sports bet has the ALP at $1.14. Pretty short odds.

Prime Minister Bill Shorten ???
Colour me surprised!

Coalition government, Tony Abbott moved on, looks like Palmer and Anning didn't make it, Dutton managed to beat get up, Wentworth might go down to the wire. Sportsbet paid out on an ALP win a couple of days ago, whoops. And the polls were all well off. Time to stop giving them any credence in the news cycle.
Yeah, so the polls in the US were calling it for the left...the right gets it.

Polls in Australia were calling it for Labor and Liberals get it... I gotta say, their credibility is worth about bugger and all.

But thank buggery the Libs got back in, I'm not a huge fan of them, but it was a far better result than I was expecting and far far better than having those bloody socialists in power.
Is it safe to say that Aussies have voted for the lesser of two evils? If so, congrats and May Australia continue to thrive...
Some will say that. Pessimistic fuckers. We're consistently rated highly among nations in all sorts of quality of life ratings, education, freedom, etc etc. And we've got there under the system we've got, which is generally the LNP running the show 70% of the time and Labor occasionally coming in and running rampant.
To paraphrase your great comment @digrar , I exercised my democratic right and this serf voted against the New Green Reich. I had hoped the great unwashed majority of the Australian public would think about the alternative and it has come to pass.

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