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Apr 10, 2019
I imagine someone is in a lot of trouble within the AK for incompetent ballot stuffing.

"With 99% of the ballots stuffed Erdoğan was just under 50%".

I'm sure he will find someone more competent within the next two weeks to put him over the top.:p
His most credible and serious opponent albeit “old” was interesting from a European perspective.

It’s basically two Turkey facing each others, and it seems to be about good for Erdogan in late May, whether we like it or not.
Election Analysis

He holds the purse strings and levers of power and press, so late May will absolutely be good for Erdoğan.

What happens two months later when inflation rages again because of the diluted liras he spread around will be immaterial as far as he's concerned.
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Erdogan is a C***, that much we know.

Him staying in power is kind of "safety" guarantee for everybody since we know what to expect from him: Turkey first, his party first, and kicking everybody else in the balls.

His opponent is interesting, but beneath the novelty aspect and all of his promises and his well meaning, there isn't much we know for sure.
In himself, he is pretty much the embodiment signature move of most liberals: "I'm going do lots of stuff and the country will be much better". Which either won't happen, because the task is just too huge for just one term, or will tun into current-time-but-worse because his definition of "making things better" isn't "normalized".
Hopefully nothing like Trudeau though.

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