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So the local Deerstalker club has had a meltdown. 70 years of no problems until one singular problem... mindless byzantine regulations.
Bought a rifle up in Auckland the other day and had them send it to a local dealer in my home town. As this is not a mail order it doesn't require the extra police forms.
When it arrived at the dealer, he charge $30 as he said he filled some police paperwork. He must be on $300 per hour. He had to do so as it was all up to the interpretation of the police if or not it required form filling.

That is not entirely incorrect you just just don't know when the local officious cop decides to try and create law.... Numerous examples exist then end up in court. Particularly with this anti gun lot that we have I would be least surprised.
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Clearly doesn't have a clue.
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Its our duty to make sure these bastards don't ruin it for next generation. Its a simple multi choice form heavily slanted toward their own objective. That its harder to legally own a gun.
Fill it in. Only five minutes. Control freaks like Cindy rely on weak apathetic Kiwis, and frankly she looks like she's winning..she'll do it anyway kind of thought.
Well that is not entirely unsurprising but Cindy gets the flick which is more than likely and ACT's Nicole McKee can use the forms as evidence and repeal.

Dear Sporting Shooters,

Please note the correct address for e-mailing submissions on Police cost recovery is: armsactfees@police.govt.nz

Some how I managed to attach a spurious “to” to the address supplied in my previous e-mail.

All the best,


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The police jihad against licensed firearms owners continues at pace. Yesterday the NZ Herald ran an article about a figment of the police’s fervent and dimwitted imagination, that “straw buyers” are buying guns to on-sell to criminals.

The government had recently banned semi-automatic weapons following the Christchurch terrorist attack on 15th of March 2019, with more than 60,000 firearms surrendered in the $100 million “buyback” scheme.
Critics pointed out that criminals, however, were unlikely to hand back their illegal firearms and they were proven right when gang shootings escalated.
Such rapid changes in the policing – and political – world meant firearms moved near the top of the priority list and someone like Grond selling guns warranted attention.
On December 17, 2020, search warrants were executed at two properties linked to Grond where police officers found an armoury: more than 40 legal firearms, thousands of ammunition rounds, various gun parts and large magazines.
Among the collection were two of his favourite military-style semi-automatic rifles, which Grond had decided to keep instead of handing over during the buyback amnesty.
NZ Herald

So Joseph Grond is stupid, and now a criminal. All because he didn’t hand in two firearms, when he could easily have obtained the proper licenses, as many, including me, have done.

Now the police are using this story to further demonize firearms owners, essentially smearing them as akin to drug dealers. They are treating us accordingly, labeling all of us as potential criminals. It’s like pre-crime: you own guns, therefore you are potentially a criminal. The police constantly wonder why the firearms community hates them now.

The police are trying to justify the firearms registry by saying that the majority of guns obtained by gangs are just sold to them by licensed firearms owners and the firearms registry will sort that out. That really is concrete thinking. If the police think this will stop criminals getting guns then they are sorely mistaken.

For many years the police believed that most firearms in criminal hands were stolen from legitimate gun owners. This point has frustrated some in the firearms community, who say there is little data to back up the claim and instead believe that organised crime groups smuggled guns from overseas.

But the police now say that a nationwide crackdown on illegal firearms has identified retail diversion or “straw buyers” – a tactic where licensed firearms owners sell guns to criminals – as a much bigger problem than previously thought.
Under the Arms Act, retailers such as Gun City must keep records of gun sales but gun owners wanting to sell their firearms to someone else in private sales do not.
The only legal obligation on sellers is to look at the prospective buyer’s firearms licence. There is no requirement to check whether the licence was valid, or even keep a record of the buyer’s details.
“It’s very, very simple. We’re seeing how easy it is for one individual with a firearms licence to create a great deal of mayhem,” said Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Beal.
The officer-in-charge of the recently established Firearms Investigation Team, Beal said the bulk of guns recovered by police can be traced back to a legitimate retail sale – rather than stolen or smuggled – then diverted to unlicensed individuals.
His team has also analysed four years’ worth of retail records (or 250,000 sales) to look for suspicious purchases, or patterns and investigate further.
NZ Herald

And the result of trawling through those records? Just one example is provided… and that is a known gang associate. All the other transactions were perfectly legitimate.

The police created a fantasy then went about confirming that fantasy which they are now selling to the media to justify their continued persecution of the most law-abiding people in New Zealand. Licenced firearms owners are even more law abiding than the police who are hassling us.

But it all seems awfully arse-about-face to me. If guns are in the hands of gangs, then I would think that ‘priority one’ is to get those guns off the gangs, and then ‘priority two’ is to stop more guns getting into the hands of gangs. But hey, I’m not a cop: they seem to prefer to leave the guns in the hands of gangs and instead chase up firearms sale and purchase agreements first. Isn’t the actual potentially illegal use of the guns of any importance? It seems not – not if you are too chicken to tackle the gangs and prefer to find softer targets.

We are going to see more rubbish stories like this, with comments only from police. Note that in the article there isn’t a single comment from the gun collector community, nor any from a licenced firearms dealer. Then again, we treat the media like the police: they are hostile to us; there is literally almost no point in talking to media that lie and manipulate.

Meanwhile gangs and violent crimes run rampant as police divert valuable resources to chase ghosts and fantasies of their own making.

Courtesy of thebfd.co.nz
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you need to complete live fire firearm training in order to get a permit to own a gun, but if you dont have permit you are not allowed to shoot a firearm...
you need to get a pre-license in order to get the license in order to get the permit to get the license in order to own a firearm...
Karma for Nash.
After his persecution of the legal firearm owners he admitted with his usual big dick bravado on radio to a phone call to his "mate" Coster the police commissioner for NZ. Requested that he retry a Southland dairy farmer who was caught with an AR under the bed and no license for it and was given community time for it by the judge.
He complained it didn't look good for his image after making such a crime 5 years in prison.
The judge in his sentencing noted there was no gang relation to the offense. But for Nash who cares its all about his look.

So after his retarded confession he got the sack as police minister. In this country that's called influencing the judicial system.

He's still in charge of forestry. Pointing to a bigger recent failure. How can someone possibly F*** up with pine trees after all.
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Nash got the slash. Has been booted from cabinet. The one time high flyer with bidenesque ideas like you don't need a semi auto to hunt so I'll crush em all., I'll set fire to all my forest slash that caused the devastation.
Is now a back bencher due to a litany of back scratching mates deals that have been leaked over the past few weeks....someone had it in for him obviously. Godmummy taxcindy no longer able to protect him.
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Today at question time in the House, I asked the Minister of Police questions around the firearms licence fees review and the expectations around the proposed outrageous fee increases. You can view a copy of question time via my Facebook page here or on Parliament TV.

Over 6,000 submissions have been received from interested parties. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that put a submission into Police on this matter. I understand how frustrating it is for many owners to submit while you feel you are not being listened to. I carry your voice in this place called Parliament and as such, I cannot do that unless you submit and back the statements I have been making on your behalf. So again, thank you.

I note that after Cyclones Hale and Gabrielle hit at the same time the submission process was due to close, the Police extended the submission closure time for two weeks. That was great, except Police failed to tell the community this. I wrote a letter to the then Minister of Police Stuart Nash asking to discuss the fees consultation on the 23rd of February 2023. I received a reply from the former Minister’s office on 9 March advising that Police are extending the submission closure date to 2 March – I guess the former Minister didn’t realize that date had already passed at the time he wrote his letter some seven days later.

The process from here is that the new Minister of Police Ginny Andersen will receive advice from Police and I hope it contains a summary of submissions. The new Minister must then take her proposals for fee increases to Cabinet for approval. I expect they will also set a date for when these fees will be incurred. Meanwhile, ACT will continue to fight for fair and reasonable increases that align with the Consumer Price Index inflation increases, which as this stage look to double, not quadruple or invent a new fee schedule. Let’s see where this goes.

Thanks again for your support of our endeavors. For those participating in the great outdoors and venturing out for the roar - remember your seven basic rules of firearm safety and have a great time contributing to conservation measures in your local areas.
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^^ I don't think the legislation is specifically about kitchen knives, but they could come under the broad umbrella of a problem when police are searching a violent suspects home.

Also, Suella Braverman was once fired as home secretary for being an idiot and only got her job back because the Prime Minister was also an idiot and had to quit a week later so she got the same job again with the next idiot prime minister.

Also, Suella Braverman says about seventeen stupid things a week that never come to fruition.

Also, Suella Braverman is the Fifth home secretary in a row to announce something like this and it's never come to fruition.

So yeah, I think it's unlikely to happen.
Just today Nebraska passed "constitutional carry". Meaning no concealed carry license needed to have a gat on your person or in your ride. All laws pertaining to requirements for buying and possessing firearms remain in place - like for convicted felons or those convicted of even misdemeanor domestic violence.

There was heated debate over the issue, but it passed due to concerns over the recent rash of mass shootings. Great!!


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