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Recent Polish procurement seems to indicate that they are buying items that can be delivered as quickly as possible. New F-16s and F-35s have long production times due to the amount on order already. The F-15 line is shorter and the US would let Poland take some of its slots. The Poles should probably sign before the Indonesians do, though. The only thing that makes sense if this goes through would be for Poland to have a future fleet of F-35s, F-15s, and low-end FA-50s. F-16s would be gradually donated to Ukraine as replacements come in. But this is Poland we're talking about, so anything is possible.
On September 15, a ship transporting 11 K239 Chunmoo multi-launch rocket launcher modules arrived in Poland, which will be integrated with the Jelcz P882.57 TS T45 K-MLRS 8×8 chassis at Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW), which is part of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ). ) under the Homar-K program. According to the previously concluded agreement, by the end of 2023 Poland should have 18 K239 launchers (in Poland marked - Homar-K)

On September 19, 2023, the fifth and sixth KAI FA-50GF Block 10 light combat aircraft from the batch of the first twelve ordered in September last year were delivered to Poland. Delivery of another 6 aircraft is announced before the end of 2023.

In a ceremony yesterday (September 29, 2023) in Sweden, SAAB was unveiled the first 340 AEW system to the Polish customer. The solution, presented only two months after the order, will provide Poland’s Armed Forces with a national asset to reinforce territorial integrity and national security.

On October 2, Przedsiębiorstwo Sprzętu Ochronnego (PSO) Maskpol from Konieczki, part of the Polish Armaments Group, announced that it had signed a contract with CFT Precyzja from Czosnów near Warsaw for the production and supply of armor with a buoyancy package for the new floating infantry fighting vehicle (NBPWP) "Borsuk" ("Badger").

The agreements include, among others: creation of new production lines enabling the production of additional armor modules. As a result of the concluded framework agreement for the production of IFV Borsuk, a total of nearly 1,400 vehicles will be acquired over the course of the entire project, of which over 1,000 will be Borsuk IFVs.

The remaining specialist vehicles will be: Żuk tracked reconnaissance transporters, Oset tracked command vehicles, Gotem medical evacuation vehicles, Gekon technical support vehicles and Ares contamination reconnaissance transporters.
18 brand new K9A1 howitzers, which will soon set off on a sea voyage to Poland. So far, the Polish Army has received 48 K9A1 howitzers, but these vehicles come from the reserves of the Ground Forces of the Republic of Korea (this is one of the reasons why they wear the original Korean camouflage). The remaining 164 vehicles will come straight from the factory (and will receive a typical Polish camouflage scheme, as well as additional Polish equipment so that they can function in the Polish communications and command network).

Thus, in a few weeks, the Polish Armed Forces will already have 66 of the South Korean artillery system.
On Tuesday, October 24, the seventh and eighth KAI FA-50GF Fighting Eagle Block 10 light combat aircraft from the batch of the first twelve ordered in September last year were delivered to Poland.


The planes were transferred to the 23rd Tactical Air Base.

On Monday, October 30, at the 7th Aviation Division of the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade in Nowy Glinnik, Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak participated in the handover of the first two of the 32 ordered AW149 multi-role support helicopters for the Army Aviation.

On Thursday, November 2, another batch of K239 Chunmoo multi-launch rocket launchers arrived at the port of Gdańsk - one complete launcher on the Jelcz P882.57 TS T45 K-MLRS 8×8 chassis and four launcher modules intended for installation at Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW).


So, at the moment, there are two complete launchers and 15 modules in Poland, and according to the contract, by the end of the year there were to be 18 units in the country, i.e. one rocket artillery squadron, the subsequent completion of which will allow the system to be basic combat readiness in the Polish Army. A single complete launcher is still in Korea, where it previously underwent mobility and fire testing.


The heavy Homar-K launchers will be complemented by lighter Homar-A launchers, i.e. the American M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System). Of the first 20 launchers on the American Oshkosh FMTV M1140 chassis ordered for USD 414 million in February 2019, seven have been delivered so far, and there are plans to purchase 486 launchers on the Polish Jelcz 3 663.45 6×6 chassis and with the Topaz combat management system - a relevant framework agreement in this matter has already been signed.
On Thursday, November 9, the third of the four AW101 multi-role maritime helicopters ordered for the Naval Aviation Brigade arrived at the PZL-Świdnik plant (owned by Leonardo Helicopters). The first two helicopters arrived in Poland on August 7 and August 16. The last AW101 is expected to be delivered later this year.

On Friday, November 17, the General Command of the Armed Forces (DG RSZ) announced that in the American Fort Novosel (formerly Fort Rucker) in Alabama, Polish pilots from the 1st Army Aviation Brigade in Inowrocław performed their first training flights on the AH-64E Apache Guardian.

Today, in the port of Świnoujście, 11 M142 HIMARS launchers, 26 tanks and 9 technical support vehicles are being unloaded. This is the second large transport of this type of military equipment ordered from the USA. This means that to this day, US manufacturers have delivered 40 M1A1FEP, 12 M88A2 and 16 M142 to the Polish Armed Forces.

On Sunday, November 26, a Korean Air Cargo Boeing 747-400F (4B5F(ER)) transport aircraft brought the eleventh and twelfth KAI FA-50GF Fighting Eagle Block 10 light combat aircraft to Warsaw Chopin Airport from the batches ordered last year. It was the sixth and last delivery, completed on schedule under the contract with Korea Aerospace Industries.

Dwa samoloty FA-50 w locie (fot.

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