Politics Good political news in America today

Persons like Omar want to hijack Western societies to bring them down to their level.

They are somehow mentally deranged.

Thats not the good immigrant which wants to actively improve his life aswell as contribute tob the society which enables that.

People like Omar are where they are because some "privileged whites" lift them up there.

Most immigrants immediately realize that thats the type of person which made them leave their countries.
how do you find ballots? that means they dont have chain of custody for those ballots. they could be anything, but probably not legitimate.

Well, you wait until the end and then you find out how many votes you need to win.

Apparently Nancy Pelosi doesn't have the DEMOCRAT votes to pass her multi-TRILLION dollar bills as we speak. The communist blood bath in Virginia has about a dozen moderate dems wondering if they'd still have a political future if they voted to destroy America with this insane spending.
Interesting dichotomy:

Late night hosts downplay Republicans' victory.

Meanwhile main-shows' hosts and MSM political commentators were completely freaking out.
Pelosi won't get her vote today. Several dems want the CBO to score the bills before they vote. In other words, where will this 5 trillion, 10, trillion, unknown trillion come from? It will take the CBO at least 3 weeks to get through it, if then.

And............with near .simultaneous timing, the Continuing Resolution runs out in December and depending on the CBO score, the requirement to raise the debt ceiling.

Let these scoundrels implode.

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