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A truly Californian story....

A girl in the US named Madeline, with a vivid imagination and remarkable awareness of how bureaucracy can dash dreams, got her wish when she asked Los Angeles animal control authorities for a licence to own a unicorn – if she’s able to find one.
The first-of-its-kind permit came with strings attached, however: The mythical creature must be provided ample exposure to sunlight, moonbeams and rainbows and have its horn polished at least once a month with a soft cloth.
Director Marcia Mayeda of the county Department of Animal Care and Control sent the girl a heart-shaped, rose-coloured metal tag with “Permanent Unicorn License” emblazoned on it, along with a white fuzzy unicorn doll with pink ears, purple hooves and a silver horn.

The department's response came after the girl wrote it a brief letter last month: “Dear LA County, I would like your approval if I can have a unicorn in my backyard if I can find one.”

Mayeda commended the girl for her “sense of responsible pet ownership to seek permission in advance" and for thoughtfully considering “the requirements of providing a loving home to animals”.
The agency posted images of the correspondence, the licence, the medallion and the stuffed toy on its social media accounts, with the girl's last name obscured.
Its five conditions for unicorn ownership also require that any sparkles or glitter sprinkled on the animal be nontoxic and biodegradable, and that it be fed watermelon at least once a week.
The Reichsbürger planning a coup have been arrested.

Among them a former MoP from the AfD and others.

Another interesting tidbit they even had a cook for their "troops". Frank Heppner his daugher is GF of David Alaba from FC Bayern

These people must be prosecuted and locked away for a good time I propose 15 years with security detainment afterwards.

Until they die in prison.

Their movement already killed some Police officers.
German government plans to block 5G suppliers Huawei and ZTE in Germany. 60% of components are from Huawei.

This can get costly for the telcom companies which like always don't listen and continue business with the devil.

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Which is... very strange considering:
-Georgia's president is pro-Europe.
-Georgia's PM is pro-Europe.
-the majority is pro-Europe.
-the opposition is, mostly, pro-Europe.

Soon after Russia invaded Ukraine, the MOSERS board voted to dump investments tied to Russia and bar investment managers from making future purchases of Russian securities.

Chinese investments have similar issues, Malek said.

“The truth of the matter is that investing in Russia was not safe for us,” he said. “And so it’s not for China.”

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