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in the midst of World War Two, Turkey issued a set of stamps including this one to mark the 20th anniversary of the Republic founded by Attatürk in 1923. During WW2, Turkey was neutral until February 1945 when Ankara sided with the Allies.

Hatay Problem via Cengiz Sogutlu

After the Armistice of Mudros, Iskenderun Sanjak was occupied by the French advancing from Syria to Anatolia.


Thus, a National Struggle front was formed in Hatay, as in many other places. According to article 7 of the Ankara Agreement signed with France on October 20, 1921, the sanjak will remain within the borders of Syria; A special administration will be established here, and every facility will be used to develop Turkish culture, the official language will be Turkish and the Turkish lira will be used as currency.

According to the border drawn between Syria and Turkey in the Treaty of Lausanne, Hatay remained outside Turkish borders.

In the agreement that gave independence to Syria in 1936 and established an alliance between Syria and France, there was no provision about the Iskenderun Sanjak. While France was withdrawing from Syria, it was leaving its authority over Sanjak to Syria.

A banner from the demonstrations to join Turkey in Hatay, the second half of the 1930s


The Turkish Government did not accept the situation. When the negotiations with France at the League of Nations meeting in Geneva did not yield results, Atatürk gave an official note to France on October 9, 1936, demanding that Iskenderun Sanjak be given independence, as was the case with Syria. Atatürk in his opening speech to the Turkish Grand National Assembly on November 1, 1936:

''A major issue that occupies our nation, day and night is the fate of Iskenderun - Antakya and its environs, the true owner of which is Turkish. We have to take this seriously and definitely. This is the only big issue between us and France, to which we always attach great importance to friendship. Those who know the truth of this business and those who love the truth understand the severity and sincerity of our relationship and see it as natural.''

In a conversation with the French Ambassador: “Hatay is my personal cause. You should know that it will not be a joke”
The League of Nations, convened in Geneva on January 27, 1937, accepted the independence of Hatay and decided to determine the majority of the population with an election. Thinking that Atatürk could take Hatay by force of arms, the French wanted to make a military agreement; This deal has been done. With the agreement, a neutral election was accepted in Hatay, and it was decided that some military forces would enter Hatay for this purpose.

Entering troop's with French

Turkish troops marching in front of French militarymen in the region of Alexandretta (now called Iskenderun).


Turkish troops under the command of Staff Colonel Şükrü Kanatlı entered Hatay. Elections were held on August 13 and Turks took part in the majority of the parliament.




1937: A cartoon criticizing the objections of France in the process of Hatay's accession to Turkey.

Thus, the independent Republic of Hatay was established on September 2, 1938.

Flag of Hatay State


This Republic, on the other hand, took the decision to join Turkey on 29 June 1939.



1939: A cartoon about the annexation of Hatay to Turkey. Marauder, arsonist and stooge while respecting power


June 23, 1939: With the agreement signed between France and Turkey.


While the Hatay State Flag was transformed into the Turkish Flag.

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