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May 31, 2004
I am reading a lot in the news about problems being caused by radical Muslims. I thought I would go right to the horses mouth and ask you guys, just how much is truth versus media fiction. In the good old US of A we don't worry too much about it, last year American citizens bought 36,000 pounds of ammo. If it gets out of hand, we will deal with it.

Hi @rotorwash good to hear from you.

I think radical muslims are an issue for the world in general and the tactics they have adopted are not too far from the Irish paramilitaries that we have always had an issue with here in the UK, protestant and catholic (I hasten to add).

The tactics terrorists use are borne out of a need to inflict misery in a stealthy fashion, because they cannot win an open fight against the might of many countries Military/Police forces. The use of there insidious aggression kind of negates how many bullets or guns one has at our disposal.

Some are prepared to die for what they believe and some not so much but there attacks albeit fatal are mostly geared towards causing fear and panic, the lack of frequency of the attacks suggests weak organisation and logistics and as such they could never really harm any country as a whole very much, least not with conventional weapons.

It is my belief that people who are indoctrinated into radical muslim ways are those most vulnerable in our society and whom perhaps need to feel part of something regardless of its stupidity. Here in the UK we hear of young impressionable muslims from law abiding and patriotic families becoming embroiled in the ways of daesh, alqaeda or whatever name they wish to go by. They are made up of men and women and our governments are working hard to address this issue.

I'm not a do gooder by any stretch of the imagination and anybody that attempts to harm the innocent should prepare themselves to be sought out and destroyed but..... as my previous comment suggests there has to be a reason for normal, happy kids becoming indoctrinated and when we understand that we will be able to combat its affect much better.

I dont think that it will become an all out war style scenario but atatcks will happen (as they are all over the world) and we will, as we always do learn to deal with it. Truth or fiction? like a good fictional book there is always a little truth, how much compared to the fiction is anybodys guess.
Yes Terrorism has been a long standing problem here in the UK. Your point about bullets and guns is a good one @Bombardier take the recent terrorist attack in Berlin, I doubt guns would have helped much there. The covert nature of terrorist planning can only be dealt with by the same tactics and addressing the recruitment processes of the radicals.
On the point of the recent attack in Berlin.
MilitaryImages.Net offer our sincere condolences to all the victims and families.

The terrorists will not break our resolve and we must not lot them take over every facet of our lives.
Rest in eternal peace to all the innocent victims

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