Movie / TV req: Bravo Two Zero: A question of betrayal


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Mar 1, 2019
BBC's documentary about one of the most famous patrols is online somewhere - it was posted in a forgotten FB airsoft group some time ago. However, not being able to find it on the interwebs myself, I thought I would ask if any of you fine gents would be able to point me in the right direction.

Is this it mate?
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Cheers BZ,

But that looks like a documentary called The Real Bravo Two Zero by Michael Asher. The documentary I’m looking for is called Bravo Two Zero: A question of betrayal by Panorama.
Sorry @needadressing , I haven't been able to locate the doco anywhere online apart from the BBC website, I would love to see it myself :(
I remember watching that BBC Panorama documentary back in Feb 2002 on TV. Fascinating stuff! Would be grateful if I could be emailed an upload of it as would love to watch it again. Thanks in advance! ?
Quick follow up, a fellow member from a military appreciation group on FB shared the documentary. So happy to upload and share it via we transfer, just need an email addy!

Upload it to Youtube .. and put it under a different name .. and keep it unlisted .. and post the link in here
stand by.. PM me your emailaddyś so I can add you to the WE transfer list

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