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Dec 8, 2021

I hope you don't mind me asking this here, I'm currently working independently on a story/video game and have a scenario planned in the future for the game's finale where I'm unsure what would actually be the military's course of action and I was hoping somebody here might be able to assist me rather than me just having a guess and getting it horribly inaccurate.

In the game a group of soldiers are ascending a staircase of a skyscraper in order to eliminate a sniper on top of the building (these are "the bad guys"), on top of the building is the sniper along with a group of soldiers who have just been dropped onto the roof by helicopter to defend the sniper. They are aware of the bad guys coming up the stairwell, and have safely got onto the roof and the helicopter is now gone. This is the only way up and down the building, and at the top of the stairwell is a steel door that has been barricaded by the sniper who is aware these people are coming for them.

The Sniper is a member of the Metropolitan Police, the Helicopter Team are the SAS, and the "Bad Guys" are a form of Secret Police hit-squad of former Police/Military personnel, so the Helicopter Team would be the best trained and best equipped of the lot. This is also why the sniper does not have a protection team with them at the building, as the Police were not anticipating the attack, and also why the helicopter can safely fly about, the bad guys have no anti-air weaponry and the good guys have total air superiority. There is an active operation happening in the buildings parallel to the sniper, and they are still needed which is why they didn't just grab them and fly off, it overlooks the ongoing Police operation.

Now in the bad ending, the helicopter team do not arrive, and the "bad guys" will clear the door and throw a flash bang before stepping out onto the roof, where they kill the sniper.

In the good ending, the helicopter team are already on the rooftop, prepared for them to come through the door, the "bad guys" are unaware the helicopter team are now on the roof. So they would throw their flashbang, but my question is there a realistic way for them to negate the effects of it and stop it becoming a massacre? I want the "good guys" to win.

I thought of the Call of Duty "have somebody chuck it off the rooftop before it goes off" but, being just a guy making video games, I have no idea how long they need before they go off and if this is possible. I also thought they could just keep shooting at the doorway for the few moments they are disorientated, but I'm not sure how plausible that would be as well. I also thought if the guys on the roof were made special forces, they might be able to just ignore the flashbang as they've had superior training, but I don't know anything about how possible that is either, and I also considered them "counter-flashing" it by immediately throwing their own at the doorway to negate the advantage, but I don't know if that is a thing.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, and I hope I've explained the situation clearly enough so that you can understand what is going on! I'm yet to design the rooftop but as I'll be making it in 3D, I can add obstacles for them to hide behind if the best idea would be "just duck behind something" as well, I'd just like a more informed opinion.

Thanks in advance!
If you want to be accurate, snipers don't work alone. In that scenario it would be a pair or more likley a team of three.

I'm not going to go into how to negate the effects of flash bangs on an open forum - and hopefully neither is anyone else (unless they fancy a ban) - but there are ways and a Met sniper team would be aware of them.

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