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Sep 16, 2014
I mentioned that I had never known my father, as he disappeared from our lives when I was a baby, around 1941-42. Years later I found out he died in 1997, and had apparently become a para during WWII. I do not have a service number for him, but recently found some information on an Escaper-Evader that is a possible link. My father's name was George Selby, born 1918, Everton, West Derby. He was working at De Havillands Aerodrome as an aircraft engineer at the time of his disappearance. According to information from a third party, he enlisted in the Royal Engineers and was very proud of his service. The information I have found is as follows: Name: G Selby, Service Number: 1583599, Unit or Regiment: 27th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery, Rank: Gunner, Date of Capture: 1942-06-21, PoW camp -, Interviewed in Switzerland: 1944-04-04, TNA series: WO208, Series name: POW - Escape via Switzerland - report, TNA piece number 4269, Category: Military, armed forces & conflict, Record Collection: Second World War, Collections from: Great Britain.

I know this is a long shot and there will have been other G Selby's, but how do I go about obtaining further information on this person?

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