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Mi Captain
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Feb 19, 2010
How many blows of recoil 152-mm howitzer D-20 will withstand the frame and chassis of a conventional truck????


One-time product of the militants Igil?
They have to be the craziest people I have ever met.
That truck would not last very long at all but as to how many rounds before it disintegrated, I dont know. Civilian chassis are not built to take that kind of punishment.

Они должны быть самыми сумасшедшими людьми, которых я когда-либо встречал.
Этот грузовик не продлится очень долго, но, сколько раундов до его распада, я не знаю. Гражданское шасси не построено для такого наказания.
Althoigh looking at the photo closer, could it be fired from the truck?, it looks very close the drivers cab?
Here they are used in the role of Anti-aircraft
The thing with the last photo is the truck is much heavier in construction. And I see one truck has already fallen apart Mil-smile01
Looks like they are desperate to counteract the air threat and will use any means they can.

Good luck with setting your fuses mil-smile02

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