Politics Dutch general elections Wed. Nov. 22 2023

What's your opinion on the new government and its manifesto?
I expect courts to strike down most measures.

- Tax relief from 2025, aimed at hardworking Dutch people, young and old, such as middle-incomes and entrepreneurs. And also for people in trouble and their livelihood security.

- The strictest admission regime for asylum and the most comprehensive package for control migration ever.

- A major boost in housing construction, infrastructure, accessibility and energy transition.

- More than halving the deductible in healthcare to the level of 165 euros in 2027 and investing in elderly care.

- Owners of own businesses in agriculture and fishing; an impetus for a future like these sectors and for food security for us all.

- More say for citizens through a different electoral system and strengthening of fundamental rights by a constitutional court.

- Keeping the Dutch safe through a robust approach to crime and terror.
How come the lefthards have taken control or everything, everywhere?

Really good question.

The courts/judges are against the common working class people, the plebs and slobs IOW.

The NGO helps migrants vessels in the Mediterranean or Libyan or Aegean seas to cross until Italy or Greece.

Literally any good, sane and common sense measures such as proposals from Geert or others reasonable right wingers goes to the bin because European Court for Human rights.

The silent majority is quiet (though can vote), it only takes a minority of leftists, some of them quite high in society and their useful dumbkopf to cause chaos, block universities for Gaza, and the govts here and there crapping their pants in fear of a more serious unrest.
Old Geert truly believes that cooperating with the people who are financed by RuZZia will make the sun shine in Europe:
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