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Another one done this afternoon on a chilly and sunny autumn day.


It’s okay-ish. I have improved I think about the eyes and mouth. Nose and hair needs some more work and efforts.
As you guys have noticed I have mostly drawn random young women or girls such far.

This is from this early evening:


Ah well, Betty. I’m now thinking of drawing some sort of iconic figures, past or present for a change. Betty for a start.
Not sure if that’s a compliment but I’ll take it. It’s certainly an Asian/Japanese scenery.
Another one from last evening:


A few friends of mine are artists, really artist as it’s their profession, giving drawing lessons to teens etc. So I got a fair critic about this last one: the body is overall good, feet are a tad too small just like her face/head.

Still working on it.
Wow, first time ever I am drawing a car.
Trust me it wasn’t easy and once again semi-happy about it. It’s a matter of perpective.


Basically I try to diversity my stuffs, some of the landscape and faces, women portraits were okay but if I intend to join an art school a year from now, I better keep working on it.
I tried another portrait of a random Woman:


I believe that it’s much better than two years ago at the beginning.

Also did this with a friends who’s an artist. Drawing practice on key elements of the face as you can see:

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Ink drawing I did many years ago with technical pens
Yeah I usually put on a movie I've seen a ton of times or something like that and just zone out and work. I haven't done much in quite a while but I want to get back at it, seems wasteful to have the pens and not use them.

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