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How long do you think it will take until this crisis is overcome?

I think the real question is: How long will it take to digest the debt? This is not a situation where you can simply digest the debt through growth because growth has been created by debt – and there isn’t any sort of organic growth within the economy.

China took a significant step this Saturday in strengthening its energy leadership with the acquisition of exploration rights for several oil and gas fields in Iraq.
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Era of Mao ....
Yes sure buy China ETFs. Good investment. In the end it's again mentioned - low performance.

Plus you help Xis dictatorship in the end.

New anti spy law poses big problems. German pharma companies struggle to control the GMP (good manufacturing practice) of their Chinese suppliers.

This is mandatory by law. But companies fear that their employees might get arrested.

Mind you this is in addition to the problems of the due diligence inspectors.
Oil producers pumped billions into China for scam climate protection projects. And let the consumer pay it. On top of the fuel price for climate protection.

Naturally nothing was done in China as satellite images show.

What is wrong with those people? Why not do things elsewhere like over here? And do good and useful things.

China is a giant scam attracting manager scammers.

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