Politics Multinational corporations bow down to China

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Jan 4, 2021
Boeing urges U.S. to separate China trade and human rights
Guess Boeing is expecting China to buy more 737max , and F-15EX ??? :)

meanwhile in Sweden

H&M vows to rebuild trust in China after Xinjiang backlash

Old Chinese saying: Kill the chicken and show it to the monkey

Honestly speaking, China is winning this boycott game. Since the boycott and punishment of Lotte Mart back in 2017, CCP found out that an organized boycott can be used as a powerful weapon to enslave those Multinational corporation, they can even force these greedy capitalists to influence western countries government . They are winning on this battlefield.
CCP only lost one boycott game back in 2019 . They boycott NBA, tried to force Houston Rocket to fire the outspoken general manager Morey. NBA almost bow down to this request, but the backlash from the US NBA fans saved the day.
Multinational Corporations have no nationality. Just because it is HQed or started up in one country doesnt mean it is loyal to one. They follow where profits flow and right now that stream is China.

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