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This is the super Chinese car beating EU/JP/KOR/US cars?

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Go to minute 6:50 and see finally somebody of the not paid propagandists taking a look under the car...

60 s patchwork corrosion protection applied with a brush...

As funny as the climate control air filter for filtering outside air while the interior is made of cheap plastics emitting toxic smelling fumes.

The car costs around 35 000€s

Compare that to an ID3

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My brother bought one of those BYD's. He's pretty pleased with it so far - although he's only had it for a year or so.
My brother bought one of those BYD's. He's pretty pleased with it so far - although he's only had it for a year or so.

In what climate conditions does he drive it?

Is he also happy with the charging speed, range and software packet?

The spare parts and dealer/oem support?

I saw a vid of the remaining range being indicated as 60 km then soon 50 and rapidly deteriorating to 0 in minutes and switching over to only 30km/h.

They also only give the charging cycle in the 30 - 80 percent range which is much faster - 29 minutes - than from 20 - 80 % which is over an hour.

Cars here in Europe do this cycle in under half an hour.

I will rent one at Sixt and compare it to the much maligned VWs myself.

The thing is that it's not much cheaper over here than an ID3. Which offers superior handling and other expected qualities a modern car should have.

The improved software is also much better now than before with Travel Assist 3.2 being really nice now.

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I know he’s used it to take the family up north to see my Mother which is about a 300km round trip with no charging. So I guess it’s doing ok for him. I’d not ask his opinion on how it handles or anything, he always buys the most boring cars. His last two were a Prius and a Corolla - about as exciting to drive as cornflakes for dinner.
Thanks for the feedback. Seems like his driving envelope fits the car.
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English subs available.

More reasons for massive tariffs on Chinese products.

They just have a dysfunctional economy and it's not our job to support that.

Companies like BASF reinvest their China earned money anyway in China. We don't have any advantage from that over here. Just a few managers.

So they have absolute no leverage regarding tariffs.

But our industry and workforce profits greatly from being protected from Chinese economic distortion.

A no brainer.
So after the Trump copied tarrifs instigated by agressive Taiwan behavior be better off made in Ukraine. They can do, already educated and have that EU customer aftersales service worked out. Let them rebuild themsleves with well paying work instead of handouts.
Of course it will never happen until it happens for your leaders. As already exemplified by Putin.

Christina Knight: “One afternoon, after completing our chores—cooking, sweeping, and tending to our two high-maintenance cats—my co-worker, Pengxi, and I went on a hike. As we wove our way up the rice terraces, I asked Pengxi about his career. From a robotics engineer who had studied in the United Kingdom, his melancholy response shocked me. ‘For people our age, our ambitions can’t be that high,’ he said. ‘We have nowhere to move up.’

“The problem, as he saw it, was generational. “Before us, everyone could see what they accomplished,” he said. ‘My grandfather took a hungry family and gave them food. My father took a poor family and gave them comfort, education, money.’ But now, he said, ‘everything has already been done. All of the money has already been made. We just have to stay where we are and hope things get better.’

“For some young people, that meant taking a break or, in the popular phrase, tang ping (‘lying flat’). Others accepted China’s intense career culture, which friends typically described to me as neijuan, which loosely translates as ‘stress and pressure.’ Pengxi, like many other young people in the village, identified as somewhere in between ‘lying flat’ and accepting the burden of everyday life, not invested in the rat race but pragmatic about social constraints. Working as an yi-gong (‘volunteer’) for free room and board in a new travel location, as Pengxi and I were doing, offered a welcome reprieve from life’s drudgery without checking out entirely.”

Read more: https://theatln.tc/evg4KZf0
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Travelling brings new horizons

Pupils from Lahr visited China and met Söder on his sick up to Xi tour. He even kissed a little Panda teddy how cringe. Maybe he should listen to the kids.

Overall, all 23 students are happy to be living in Germany after all, according to the report. According to Leni and Lotta, many things are different in China, but not everything is worse. The students report enthusiastically about the advanced cars that can be seen on the roads. Smog and traffic jams are the downside - just like the cameras everywhere. You are photographed from all sides, say the girls in particular, and data protection is not an issue here at all, adds Sebastian.

Yeah as well as elections, citizen rights and all the other little things making a difference isn't it?

Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

Somehow all that overproduction must be paid for.

China cheap products congesting air cargo. They abuse the postal system and pack stuff in many packets to remain under the tax free import limit.

And our politicians just look at it like idiots.

Temu and Shein also just scrap return wares without checking.

Logistic providers already have problems serving their long standing customers.

I may add you just have to count time until a plane crashes because some of its shitty Chinese cargo went up in flames.
Ai simplifying engineering software and relegating expertise in cad design and manufacture will further erode demand for chinese made whom simply sends you several thousand of your product and the same ends up on alibaba, perhaps with some minor modification.
With engineering affordable and easy anyone suddenly is a manufacturer be it in the home garage or industrial park.

And seriously with war looming how will any of their products get replacement parts. One must be a dodo to buy. They tell you to look under the hood when buying vehicles but also extent that thought to the future. And what did we learn from the USSR.2 yet everyone still buys? The last dodo had the same ideas in its head.
It's already like that spare parts for Chinese vehicles take months to come or don't arrive at all.

Or your country invited someone from Taiwan and gets blacklisted.

A dodo would chose China as his future bet that's true.

There are still many top dodos out there unfortunately.

We can trade with them like we did with the SU in a very restricted manner. But giving this autocratic behemoth a place in our economic circle was a huge mistake.
Xi left the path of capitalism long ago. Now only the Chinese characteristics are left.
Bwahh what kind of clumsy propaganda is that? Taking over Pekings invented narratives 1:1.

Because nobody reads the CGTM lies they try murky European Internet outlets.

Yeah allegedly 5 % economy growth and then stuff like this.

Unsold Chinese EVs, which nobody ordered, are clogging European ports.

BYD sold only 516 cars in Germany for example.

Ayways only one.

Only MG managed to sell a bit more @ 4500 units.

This is a reminder of how communism works they are not interested neither in market nor in nature's forces and their inherent rules.

Build stuff nobody ordered and waste nature's resources and pollute everything.

Look up how commie lands looked like after the SUs collapse

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