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The law allows the Commonwealth to block any agreement between Australian states, councils or institutions and a foreign government, such as a controversial 2018 deal between the state of Victoria and China.

“Australia’s policies and plans, the rules that we make for our country are made here in Australia according to our needs and our interests,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters in Canberra.

Morrison has stressed the law is not aimed at any country but it is widely seen by analysts as directed at China.
Company I work for got sick of intellectual property theft and a really piss poor work attitude from China about 3 years ago and moved 90% of production to Indonesia - a massive step up IMO.

If I was in an Australian or NZ company that had a lot of business with China I'd be looking to shift that risk as fast as I could. Even if there isn't a formal embargo you can already read that a lot of people are starting to look at what it would take for an informal boycott.


I think an attitude and posture of “expanding further into lower wage manufacturing nations“ or “automating supply chain closer to home” while discretely divesting from China is a safe bet.

But it will not involve much public discourse of it by commercial interests.

Commercial interests publicly embarrassing China would result in an aggressive and overwhelming response within hours.

So a speed walk to the exits, anyone who breaks into a running stride gets shot on sight.

Chinese policy moves here will be important.

Carrots to keep them and/or sticks to prevent their departure.

China is both stronger and weaker than most perceive.
I remember the old saying , the scrap the Japanese use to buy came back as bullets.

China's imperialist agenda wasn't confronted in Tibet or Hong Kong really by the world public. No real back lash in terms of petitions to parliament or even the slightest consideration by the consumer about the shirt on the shelf.

Brands urged to take action on forced labour of Uyghur Muslims in China

The deaf eared, don't care.

I proudly try and avoid Chinese made, Twitter or FB. The selfish Lebron James types are weird role models.

The CCP/PLA, and to a certain extent the Han-centric culture of China, is the closest analog to Nazi fascism as we’ve seen since 30’s Nazi Germany.

I don’t think brands like Nike will ever support a hard stance against China until leftists/progressives that shape academia, entertainment, and mass media news are concerned about it.

it’s ironic to think that the hard push from academia, entertainment, and mass media news to push for divestment from apartheid era South Africa in the 80’s is completely lacking of the same towards China for equivalent or worse behaviour.

Perhaps what differs is the relative differential in money and ideology.
I see that the Trump admin is pushing to have cotton picked and/or processed in the Uighur regions blocked from import due to the high likely of it being done by forced/slave labour.
I always thought that China relied on Australian raw materials ;)

They're ditching anything they can get from anywhere else, regardless of quality, using quality as an excuse to pump up the tariffs on our exports. Except for Iron Ore. They can't use lower quality raw materials there and the South Americans can't meet the volumes.
They haven't been molesting NZ exports that much. We have sold a fair bit of the economy to the chinese, dairy companies, pine forests and illegal fishing that have CCP backing.
No need to invade us.
Unfortunately nobody cares about what kind of regime ist propped up there since decades, by our irresponsible consumption.

They have created such a big money greedy and treacherous lobby in the West which is hard to come by.

Such unexcusable behaviour shows their true colours vor everybody wanting to see. Many prefer not to.
westerner seem to fail to understand the problem with china , it not that CCP or PLA problem only , it the Chinese elite them self , even if china is not under CCP/PLA it will still act the same , it they genetic and how they act since thousand of years , you guy just taste it for the first time while we in the Asian been tasting this crap for over a thousand year :) in the Chinese view all non Chinese are barbarian , when they are at top of the world they don't see anyone equal to them , they only look down , during 1900s-1980s during the so call humiliated years then sure they look up to the west , but now day they look down on most westerner , the only westerner that they still have respect and look equal or even look up are the America . get used to it guy :) the west built It own monster , china aint stupid at soviet + they have enough population to the point that they don't need to trade with outsider and still be fine ( not like the first time they close up the country from trade , they did so during Ming dynasty and it last for few hundred of year befor they start to trade again with other country ) . BLUE OR RED China will act the same if they have the same power of current china , aka if Taiwan somehow manage to defeat CCP they will still act the same like CCP , the west should have try to broken up china into many small country when they have the power to do so back when they are weak
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China lacks a little thing called oil (not to mention dozens of other items crucial to a modern society). They can't afford to go hermit kingdom.
they have enough population to the point that they don't need to trade with outsider and still be fine

Do they have enough of raw materials and energy resources to do that and not to fall behind in technology and military as it happened before?
China lacks a little thing called oil (not to mention dozens of other items crucial to a modern society). They can't afford to go hermit kingdom.

Come on guys for all your hate with China, they ca turn it back an just order more minerals from Australia and you guys will heal like Wolverine.
China respects nothing...except NBA players.

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