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Aug 26, 2019
Who is this guy Pattberg? His blog is full of childish pro communist China pieces.

Gets upset because of some articles. Thruth is our Government is so deep in CCP *ss that they even didn`t congratulate the Taiwanese on their elections nor have real political ties to Taiwan.

What I see is more and more paid westerners to act as ideological multipliers and always remembering important persons and News outlets not to portray the country of harmaony as what it is: a ruthless dictatorship.

Last week I saw a TV feature about two german journalists having collected 250.000€ to run a hp focusing on China.

They received support from former Chinese ambassador to Germany Shi Mingde which complained to our government not doing enough to present China positively and instead letting our jornalists write freely.

He approached many DAX companies for financing and added: something must be done to get a more balanced and objective view on China to the German audience

None of the companies complied. His successor also insisted on this cause and said it is needed due to increasing negative views and Reports.

https://www.presseportal.de/pm/6561/4493205 (in German) Google translate

The Chinese embassy in Berlin supported a journalistic project last year that was intended to influence German reporting on China. In February 2019, the Chinese ambassador at the time, Shi Mingde, wrote in a letter that, according to research by the NDR, WDR and "Süddeutscher Zeitung", went to several German DAX companies to provide money for a "China portal for Germany". Shi stated in the letter u. a. that it is his concern to "give the Germans a better image of China".

The project called "China Reporter" was conceived by two German journalists, a former employee of "Manager Magazin" and a freelancer who writes for the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" and "Spiegel", among others. Both journalists are renowned Chinese experts.

With their "China reporter" project, the two journalists are to be trusted to "permanently influence the image of China in Germany and make it more objective". The high-ranking business representatives asked Shi to meet the two "in a timely manner" so that the "China reporter" could start soon. The outgoing ambassador also wrote about the project: "I will continue to accompany it from Beijing".
The letter is accompanied by a two-page concept by the two journalists. Accordingly, an annual budget of 250,000 euros was planned for the "China reporter" project. a. three permanent and three freelancers should be paid. The aim was to offer readers "differentiated reporting" on China, and articles should be published regularly in several sections, including "News", "Events" and "Essen + Reisen". The letter also states: "The legal form is a non-profit association, similar to the Atlantik-Brücke eV".
December 2019, which was also sent to German DAX companies, Wu asked the German business managers "to act on the matter" for current reasons (...). It continues: "In view of the one-sided media coverage here in Germany about China, the communication of an all-round, better image of China in Germany has become more current and urgent". At the end of November, several international media, including NDR, WDR and "Süddeutsche Zeitung", reported under the keyword "China Cables" on the mass detention and harassment of Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region in northwest China. The former employee of "Manager Magazin" is also a member of the recently founded association "China-Brücke eV". The association is chaired by the former Federal Minister of the Interior, Hans-Peter Friedrich. Upon request, Friedrich, who is now Vice President of the German Bundestag, declared the "China Bridge eV" go u. a. on his initiative and wanted to enable a stronger exchange between politics, economy, science and civil society of both countries. Friedrich further said that the "China reporter" project was not part of the "China bridge". He had only heard of the project a few weeks ago. When asked how he judged the behavior of the Chinese ambassadors, Friedrich said it was not surprising to him that "ambassadors and their staff want to help make their country come out in the public eye of the host country. I hope that this will also apply to Germans Ambassador applies. "

China is trying to influence political decision-making processes at different levels, the deputy director of the Mercator Institute for Chinese Studies (MERICS) Mikko Huotari warns: "There are many attempts to partner with institutions, through networking with economic actors, with lobbyists, with high-ranking officials, former heads of state to establish links with former government officials, which in the long term will then also be used to make opinions in the interest of China, "said Huotari.

The two journalists confirmed the process of becoming a China reporter and said that the "plans for the" China reporter "could give rise to misinterpretations" that the project has now been discontinued. The journalists further confirmed that they had presented their project to Ambassador Shi Mingde at a dinner. Financing from the Chinese side was deliberately considered "at no time". When asked, the "Manager Magazin" and "Der Spiegel" said that they had only heard of the process through NDR, WDR and "Süddeutscher Zeitung". "Die Zeit" stated that her employee had informed her about the failed project one day before the request was received. All three media now want to clarify the process internally.

According to research by NDR, WDR and SZ, none of the companies contacted did not respond to the request from the embassy.

The Chinese embassy did not want to comment on the process.
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