Politics Will Joshua Wong win Hong kong goverment and China


Mi General
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Jun 2, 2017
last time,he went to Taiwan,and invite Taiwanese flight Hong Kong goverment and China!
I’m a fan of Joshua Wong.

He has achieved much in only 23 years.

5+ years experience as a community protest organiser and leader.

But China has actively disrupted his activism outside of Hong Kong(Thailand deportation and Singapore investigation attempting to attend political events physically and virtually, both due to Chile se political pressure).

Inside Hong Kong, he has been repeatedly arrested.

China determines who is appointed to Hong Kong leadership roles so there is zero option for Joshua Wong to be appointed to a leadership role in Hong Kong or China’s government.

The only way Joshua Wong could realistically become an elected leader of Hong Kong or China is for a revolution to occur.

And the likelihood of a revolution in China/Hong Kong in the foreseeable future is close to zero.

China is not Poland/Warsaw Pact/Soviet Union.

It has far more resources available and the historical motivation to ensure they do everything to retain power

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