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Army M110 175mm SP Artillery firing in support of Khe Sanh from the Rockpile firebase.1968

April 13 Good Friday mass in the burnt-out remains of the Lang Vei Special Forces camp near Khe Sanh in South Vietnam is Capt. Jerome Bischoff, left, of Portland, Ore. Bischoff is the Catholic chaplain for the 1st Air Cavalry troops now re-occupying the camp which was overrun by North Vietnamese troops in fierce fighting last February.

21 October 1970-Chaplain He was later the last chaplain casualty in the Vietnam War when the helicopter he was on crashed in the Quang Ngai province on Easter Sunday 1971.

6 April 1969 VIETNAM EASTER–While some of their buddies stand guard in the watchtower (rear) Marines on Hill 119 near Da Nang attend an Easter service celebrated by Chaplain on an altar improvised from ammunition boxes.

Retired Navy Lutheran minister, leads a prayer service during the siege of Khe Sanh carried a Bible instead of a rifle. The Marines called him the Angel of Khe Sanh

25 Dec 1968, Somewhere in North Vietnam: U.S.A.F. Lt. right, kills Christmas Turkey in North Vietnamese prisoner of war Christmas day 1968. This color photo of American Prisoners was obtained from Japanese sources and North Vietnamese communists would not say where the prisoner of war camp was located.

12/25/1968-Somewhere in North Vietnam- U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander waters vegetables in a North Vietnamese prisoner-of-war camp on Christmas Day, 1968.

A patrol of US soldiers from the 9th Division in a leech infested rice paddy field in the Tan An Delta, Vietnam 1968

Thuong Duc, South Vietnam: U. S. Marine troops take up positions near the Green Beret outpost 30 miles southwest of Da Nang, October 9. 1968


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