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Mar 21, 2023
A thread dedicated to Sudanese armed forces. 🇸🇩
If possible, a date and place are always welcome with photos. :)
A very rare image, as "710" is one of the 16 Shenyang F-5 & FT-5 delivered to Sudan in 1969. There are very few photos of these aircraft, and this is the only one I know of of a single-seater.
The photo dates from before 2018, and the location is unknown to me. Possibly Wadi Seidna Air Base.
Note that it appears to be undergoing maintenance. Sudanese F-5 'Fresco' have been out of service since at least the '90s. Rumor has it, however, that they may be put back into service.
Sudanese F-5 (710) stored.jpg
Some photos of the very mysterious Sudanese MiG-23MS. These aircraft were donated by Libya in the late 1980s. Four survivors, 3 MiG-23MS and a UB were overhauled in 2016. One of them crashed some time later and was disposed of at Wadi Seidna. The other three have since simply disappeared.
Sudanese MiG-23MS (09055) at Wadi Seidna (~2010s).jpgSudanese MiG-23MS at Wadi Seidna after overhaul.pngSudanese MiG-23UB in Africa (March 2016) (2).jpgSudanese MiG-23MS, Su-25 & 25 at Wadi Seidna (~2010).pngSudanese MiG-23 abandoned at Wadi Seidna (2022).jpgSudanese MiG-23MS motor at Wadi Seidna during overhaul (2016).pngSudanese MiG-23UB at Wadi Seidna (2016).pngSudanese MiG-23UB at Wadi Seidna after overhaul (2016).pngSudanese MiG-23UB during overhaul at SAFAT, Wadi Seidna (2016).jpgSudanese MiG-23UB in Africa (March 2016) (1).jpg
Sudanese MiG-23BN wreck (14 January 2005).jpgSudanese MiG-23MS (06918) crashed in Jonglei state.jpg

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