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Vietnam. a U.S. Airforce C-130 Hercules flies along the South Vietnamese coast on a cargo and passenger mission in support of Allied Forces 1968

A lone CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter of Marine Aircraft Group 36 [MAG-36] seems to be bidding farewell to a formation of UH-34D Sea Horse choppers of Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 363 [HMM-363] as they leave the Phu Bai airfield to board the USS Princeton off the coast of Vietnam. The UH-34, scheduled to be phased out of the Marine Corps is being replaced by larger and faster type transport helicopters

A Russian-built, five-ton truck was found by Marines south of Khe Sanh. The truck has its own compressor system, its own distillation unit and an unusual electrical system. The van contained a brand new machine shop consisting of a large lathe, hydraulic drill press and numerous tuning systems 6/27/1968

"Grounded Air Controllers: Working from a radio jeep after an enemy rocket knocked out the airfield control tower at Khe Sanh 2-26-1968

Marines at Khe Sanh watch the billowing smoke from a Leatherneck air strike on hills surrounding the northwesternmost combat base in I Corps 1/23/1968

"Sand Bags for Defense: Marine defenders of the 3d Marine Division toil at filling sand bags to reinforce their defense positions at the strategic Khe Sanh combat base February 2 1968

U.S. Marines, seen from behind, walking between destroyed houses in a village.


End of operation with 1st Infantry Division. 28 February 1969.


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