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Private First Class Donald L. Baldwin (San Diego, California) typifies the young Leathernecks of the 26th Marine Regiment, now sweeping Batangan Peninsula on Operation Bold Mariner (official USMC photo by Staff Sergeant Bob Jordan)."

Original description and documentation sourced by: The Jonathan F. Abel Collection (COLL/3611), Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections

Lance Corporal Robert A. Bishop (Cincinnati, Ohio) explores a Viet Cong tunnel complex found by Leathernecks of the 2d Battalion, 26th Marines [2/26] during Operation Bold Mariner. The Marines teamed up with Army of the Republic of Vietnam and American Division units in the multi-battalion cordon-and-sweep operation on the Batangan Peninsula near Quang Ngai City (official USMC photo by Corporal D. Kramer)."

Original photograph and description sourced from : The Jonathan F. Abel Collection (COLL/3611), Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections

1st Lieutenant, voting officer of 3d Battalion, 1st Marines, observes as Corporal completes his voting registration. Voting officers go wherever the men are to insure all eligible servicemen are afforded the opportunity to exercise this basic American right Voting Absentee, Vietnam, 1968

U.S. Army Bell UH-1D helicopters airlift members of the 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment from the Filhol Rubber Plantation area, northeast of Cu Chi, South Vietnam, 1966
Vietnam 1967 A photograph of 19 year old Corpsman Vernon Wike, the moment a Marine he was treating succumbs to his wounds in Hill 881N, 2/3 Marines.
In an interview, Vernon said :
" This young Marine had been shot right through his chest, left to right. I knew there was nothing I could do to save him, but I was still pissed when he died."
Photo : Catherine Leroy

Doc Theilman
Doc was a medic in Vietnam War, and the bravest man I've ever seen. When the bullets were flying and everyone was down, he was up with his bag in hand running all around. When the fighting was over ang every thing so still, I looked up and saw Doc Theilman lying on the ground. I rushed over to him with tears in my eyes, and said " Don't worry Doc, I'll get you out of here". He looked at me and said, as he closed his eyes...
" Air-borne rangers give out, but give up".
--- Buck Jay ---
82nd Airborne US Army Ranger

Lance Corporal George A. Moore (Smith Creek, Michigan) and Lance Corporal C. H. Henson, right (Hoxie, Arkansas), ‘fact team’ members with 1st Platoon, L Company, 3d Battalion, 3d Marine Division call in a position report to a circling helicopter preparing to extract an injured Marine (official USMC photo by Corporal M. W. Starn)."

Photo and description sourced from the Jonathan F. Abel Collection (COLL/3611) at the Archives Branch, Marine Corps History Division


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