Pr. 1155 Severomorsk

Satellite guidance units for unguided 300 mm rocket artillery shells MLRS "Tornado-S" (Smerch

Specialists of the SOBG of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation during the storming of the building seized by the terrorist organization "Martyrs of March"

Republic of Belogoria, Otwock 'May 2019

From the report of one of the employees:

We settled on the first floor of building 123 in Otwock. During the assault on the building, it immediately became clear that any thoughtless movement would lead to the immediate death of the guys, since there were "secrets" in the doorways, on the floor under the rubble of doors and bricks. Because of the closed space, one explosion would have been enough for everyone on the first floor to die.

We worked with exposure. Step by step. Door by door. Corner by corner.
Of course, we threw the so-called "cat" forward. She caught the wires of the explosives and initiated the detonation.
Sometimes the cat had to be thrown 5-7 times to catch the next secret.
Otherwise you will not pass.
The cleaning of the building was carried out from two flights of stairs.
But on the right side of the building, the bandits created a barricade, which was well shot.
A group of 7 people decided to storm the stairs on the left side of the building.

The second floor was occupied quietly. On the third floor, surprisingly, we did not meet fire back on the stairs. When we got to the door, immediately blocking it, and having worked out two rooms with grenades, we began to run one by one into the room opposite. Thereby creating a crossfire ...

There was a barricade in the middle of the 3rd floor, which did not play in our favor. And it was necessary to get close to her and take a position.
The officer with the callsign "Hank" took over the task.
Covering him from both sides of the corridor, he secured himself behind the barricade and was able to conduct suppressive fire, while we were changing in dashes at the door, coming closer ...

During the cleaning of the rooms, two bandits were eliminated, and weapons, magazines and improvised explosive devices were later seized.

We also examined and released two hostages.

I cannot convey the state in which our group was ... the time was about three o'clock in the morning. There are no wounded or dead among the group!


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