Other Post Rugby World Cup - Japan 2019


I've only had 16 hours sleep in the past three days but I wrenched myself out of bed for that game and boy am I glad I did!

We have a win over the All Blacks, by a healthy margin but by far the most impressive thing of all is that we actually outplayed them!!
Congrats to the English. I have to find a way ro see the game. Must have been epic.
Hard game to watch.

It was like watching a fight between an eastern brown snake and a taipan. You want to see them bite the S**t out of each other and end up with two dead snakes.
Didn't quite get that result. But it gives a bit more interest to the Boks v Wales game tonight. Imagine 15 cauliflowered eared blokes called Gareth playing out of their skins for 2 games and winning the world cup?
Congrats Kiwi for third place, nonetheless.

The consensus is England trash the Bocks but who really knows. Unlike the Kiwi in BCNTM post above, I’m not going to tattoo myself an England’s rose ? on my forehead and how they win the WC...

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