Politics Shortages all around the world

Touchwood. But amazingly we have not lost a sea or air shipment in nearly 20 years. Chiina lockdowns and US unionized ports have been the problem, the cause for worldwide dysfunction. But could have been avoided. They could have taken action to run the Chinese ports with isolated workers and US 24 hour but neither administrations stepped in early.
Chinese leadership has been totally inept through out and Biden F***s everything up, a perfect storm of incompetence.
Would you have expected anything less than complete incompetence from Slo Joe? He's never worked a real job a day in his life so he has no clue how supply chains actually work.
Delivery date for my new work ute, now out to August, was originally meant to be here in Feb.
I'll be amazed if they can achieve the August date...?‍♂️

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