Politics Shortages all around the world

I have bought several interesting Russian made articles ,..
-one of their Siberian camp size axes... badly balanced, very un-ergonomic handle, crazy amount of steel on the eye.
-One of their material back pack they used to use up through cold war times and recent. Reminded me of what we call a Pikau. Useless capacity have no idea how they expect whatever is in that to supply support for battle. They must be dwarfs. Could hardly fit it.
-A copy of ATAC's green pattern polar fleece. Supposedly ex military . It was really cheap. The fleece clumped together after a wash rendering it hopeless for staying warm.
Handicapped by isolation and now they want more. Well there's no shortage of that these days.

On the Ukraine thread it was posted the Russians want to take the "surplus" crops. As if the farmer is going to harvest it if it gets confiscated.
On one hand it shows mentality of these people and the other explains why Russians are their own worst enemy.
Usually she-who-must-be-obeyed goes to the store, but it was me this morning. Among other items was bacon. I paid $9/pound for it as it was on sale down from $12/pound! Two years ago it was just $3-4/pound.
Ow! That price would take the bacon off the menu for us!
It's the same over here. I just paid EUR 3.57 for half a pound.
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NZ after conversion is about the same.
General shortages due to covid bump-on, Vegetarians under the guise of animal welfare have been doing their best to increase piggy farmers costs and govt extortion compliance are combining to make unaffordable.
Interest rate increases won't fix those.
Its in industries all across the board.
Minimum wage increase. Global warming taxes.
They no longer call it Greenhouse. The world being greener produces more food. That's a bad look.
They flooded the world with money for over a decade because of no growth and to save the bank balance sheets and "no inflation" except in assets.
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Usually she-who-must-be-obeyed goes to the store, but it was me this morning. Among other items was bacon. I paid $9/pound for it as it was on sale down from $12/pound! Two years ago it was just $3-4/pound.
How long before you take to Pig Rustling .. .....to save yersel a small sum at the Butchers

When yer craving a Bacon Buttie in the Morning
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We talked about it so much that like the Pavlovian-Dog I went out and bought a bottle of the stuff. 3,49€ for 500ml, that's steep actually. I'll have to use it sparingly.

I always check Asia markets for such goods. Granted also sold out at the moment but here you get 1l for 4,90€

I'm cheating. Raised beds and potting soil! ;)
I got that sandy soil that isnt real soil at all, here in the mid atlantic, raised beds all the way. that sandy soil doesnt grow anything but pinetrees...
In my Village we have the Co -op ......the prices are increasing and they charge more for lucozade than what Tesco' does ..
When we moved back to DK we bought & renovated a manse from the ground up basically & still are. I got the idea about 10 yrs ago to start farming the acreage & get a few cows, pigs, bees & chickens so we could try to be self sufficient & grow our own food without loading them up with chemicals so we could eat healthier. Went better than expected with a lot of help from the local villagers, my kids [cheap labor] & reading a lot of books loaned to me. During the pandemic early months of shortages we set up a gleaning garden [take what you need] to include vegetables, fruits, wild game, bread, sorghum, grains & even some smoked & salted meats. With all the shortages of food it's gotten to be a go to place. A lot of folks leave a few Kroners or bags or coffee, that I can't seem to grow & I love my coffee.
If piggy rustling isn't your style there's poaching wild game. GF and I lived on deer one winter when I was in college. A farmer friend gave her a big bag of potatoes, and we got by just fine. She did baby sitting for the local game warden which gave us an advantage.

She made good gravy, too! ;)
In NZ our forebearers let them go wild. On public land its all free all year.
Albeit you have to fill out a free permit from the department of conservation. Who no doubt would like to tax us like the royal pricks they think they are.

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