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I was a little nervy about us facing the Aussies, happy to have had my nerves laid to rest. Very solid victory by England as it turned out.

Read on the BBC that Jonny May looked to pull something towards the end? Am hoping it was just a twinge, he's an absolute star for us and I really like watching him play.
Jones was vindicated dropping Ford to the bench (and I rate Ford far above Farrell) but Slade had a shocker, clearly not fit again yet.
I’m for one looking forward to meeting England next week after that AB performance. It’s going to be a cracker if it’s like last nights games.
Wales - France, 20 minutes into it and it's a close game for now. One of the team will fall apart IMO. Three tries already.
Sadly missed it because I was travelling to an airport. Will also miss the Japan game because I'll be flying and possibly the England NZ game because I'll be in the US for work and I don't know if I'll be able to see it.
Brave stuff by Japan, they've been great to watch this tournament.

It wasn't to be this time round, but there's no doubt they are just going to grow and grow.
Cost the game. I can't see how a 15 man French team would have lost that game, your guys were really on fire.

You know, I’m already over it and not even mad about it. This player cost us that game over something so stupid, it was also possibly the most important game in his career. French sport focused medias are asking: « Why (This elbow)? » and can’t find an answer. We had the game in hand, and there was no reason for this.

Moving on, looking forward to The Darkness vs England game, and I won’t bet money on this one. Should be a close call again.
I know right.

Did he think he was playing some provincial game with no cameras around or something?!?!?

Wales vs. South Africa - can't see the Saffer's losing that unless they also go full metal retard with the elbows or (more likely) high tackling or something.

England vs. NZ - I'm emotionally errect about this one!
Did he think he was playing some provincial game with no cameras around or something?!?!?

A beginning of an explanation would be that this player and other frenchies were upset about the Welsh losing their cool and things heating up on the pitch.

He should have known better. Don’t bite the bait, don’t let yourself being provoked... our loss.

And yes, I’m going to support The Springboks now for obvious reasons, only against Wales anyway.
I didn't watch the SA vs. Japan game - it finished up at 01:30 for me and I had work. So don't really have a feel for how they have performed so far apart from getting a beating from us.
100% clean out of all things Wallaby, get rid of the boot studder, the ball boy, the coach, the bloke who drives the team bus, the f***ing weird looking Kiwi CEO, the board, the lot of them. Start from scratch.

Go the boks...
I reckon the Poms will rue the lack of scoring in that first half.

In other news, we beat the Kiwis last night at the Rugby (league) no one gives a shit about. If I had my way, the poxy sport would be outlawed immediately and everyone playing it, converted to Union. Then we'd win the next 20 world cups...
Couldn’t get out of bed this morning and missed the first half. Onto the second here I come.

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