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To get back to you on this, I have absolutely no expectations about the French this year but if they go far and play well, I’ll be the first one to applaud them. Winning the WC is delusional though let’s be serious.

I am reminded of the closest we ever were of winning against the All Blacks in 2011, legendary final. I was a bit sad but the Kiwis weren’t dîcks about us losing and have been gentlemen. So we swallowed that pill.

I think the key game for France will be Saturday ( eng v arg) . If England turn over the argies then that's pretty much your lot through . The last match will then be a playoff for group winners and I believe the winners will play aus in the quarters . I'd say on paper both France and England have a good chance of making the semis which would certainly represent progress from the 2015 finals.......
Unfortunately, the darkness have a lot of experience with winning and they've become quite good at it. Fuckers.

It’s kind of becoming a bit like Ferrari/Schumacher back in the day.....they kind of need to stop winning all the time to keep the sport going.

The US Eagles got a Tri against the Poms and keep them under fiddy.....so that must mean we can beat France or at least Argentina.

That’s the delusion and I’m sticking to it.
Five minutes in and the French look like they have it well in hand.
Yeah well I’m still not super happy about the dropped balls and mistakes from France.

20 minutes to go and we could very much lose this one.
Five minutes in and the French look like they have it well in hand.

France is not looking flash.....it’s been an all you can eat penalty buffet.

Let’s go Eagles
This ended on a better note than France - Argentina.

Judging from the score you could think it was an easy win. It wasn’t.

It was close in score at times but the game never felt close.
Didn't stay awake to watch the AB's beat up Canada. I gather that the ball was the winner, it got dropped more often than the blame at a political rally...
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Jeebus......the US Eagles suck.

It’s like watching the rugby version of Dinner for Schmucks

Rugby World Cup blockbuster between France and England cancelled due to Super Typhoon Hagibis
Updated 41 minutes ago

The much-anticipated Rugby World Cup clash between England and France in Yokohama on Saturday has been cancelled due to the approach of Super Typhoon Hagibis, according to British and local media reports.

The first-ever cancellation of a match in the tournament's history is set to be announced by organisers at 2:00pm AEDT.

The match was set to decide the outcome of Pool C, and consequently Australia's quarter-final opponents.

Hagibis is expected to hit western and eastern Japan between Saturday and Sunday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

The Pacific side of western and eastern Japan may see torrential rains from Friday until the typhoon passes, and the agency warned of floods caused by the high waves and tides.

Tournament rules state that games cancelled due to weather will be registered as 0-0 draws, meaning France (13 points) will lose the opportunity to leapfrog England (15 points) to win the group.

With Australia almost certain to finish second in Pool D, the Wallabies' quarter-final opponents will be England, while France will play Wales.

The Wallabies are expected to beat Georgia in Shizuoka on Friday night, in a game that won't be affected by the typhoon.

The 1995 semi-final between hosts South Africa and France was delayed an hour due to a waterlogged pitch, but famously went ahead after cleaning ladies took to it with brooms.
Just hoping the Scotland-Japan match survives.

Got to say I enjoyed watching the Russia match yesterday!
And so here we are with our final eight. England vs. Australia is going to be interesting but I see the English coming through on form. I can't see Japan beating South Africa a second time, but then I didn't see them beating Ireland either so what do I know.

I'm picking NZ over Ireland based on how Ireland have played in the pools - once again though, I don't think it's guaranteed anymore.

France vs. Wales - your guess is as good as mine. Depends upon which France turns up I suppose.
Can't argue with any of that. The Cherry Blossoms are killing it at the moment though.
^^Well, I wrote that when Australia had just come back to make it 17-16. Didn't see it finishing like that.
England ??????? you played well fellas, and I’m beginning to think they can seriously consider « bringing it home ».

Waiting for the AB though; and France - Wales tomorrow; neither should win this WC just for entertainment.

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