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On a side note the only man we Frenchies could get on the pitch for the final was the ref...
Wow. South Africa really aren’t letting England determine the play of the game at all.
My man of the match would have to be Faff de Klerk. All over the ball like a green jersey blowfly on a turd.
Have to congratulate S.Africa - had a game plan and stuck to it. I take the opposite opinion to TheKiwi though, I didn't think it was a particularly great game to watch - not a brilliant advert for world rugby.
Well done South Africa. You totally earned that. I’ll take the moral victory if us being the team that beat you in the opening round.
Bugger...In spite of my disappointment, congrats to South Africa.

To have come so close and been so strong throughout until this game...really bitter pill to swallow.
England just didn't show up. Hard to believe it was the same team from last week.
Like gaz, I’d agree that it wasn’t such a great game and mostly kicking beside the quite pretty tries from the boks in the end. About time the game ended as the English were pretty much completely losing it anyway.

See you in four years, in France.
Tournament Rugby, show up, play out of your skin at the right time, you can be a world champion.

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