USA Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office’s SWAT

Police officers stand on guard next to bags of cocaine, which were seized during a special police operation, at a press conference of the National Police and the Anti-Narcotic Police Department and the U.S. Department of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev, Ukraine, on July 2, 2019. PAVLO CONCHAR / SOPA IMAGES / LIGHTROCKET VIA GETTY IMAGES
Two Turkish riot policemen stand guard with their rifles as a part of security measures in front of a Mc Donald's in Istanbul Sirkeci as anti-war demonstraters protest against the US-led war on Iraq 10 April 2003. A lot of Turkish civil and student organizations decide to boycott U.S. products. AFP PHOTO/Mustafa Ozer (Photo credit should read MUSTAFA OZER/AFP via Getty Images)


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