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Have you watched it? Is it worth it?
I read it has 4 seasons so far , but i do not have much time or patience 😄

In my opinion, yes, it is worth it.

It does not rely on clichés an such. It is not pandering, condescending and/or pushing "agendas" like other shows.
Mid S3 was a bit heavy on the whole family thing, yeah.

A necessary evil I suppose, though it also give the impression the whole Space Agency "conglomerate" is only revolving around a handful of people. Like a family business instead of a large governmental agency.

The first seasons were pretty neat since they were basically rewriting History, after that it turned into SF anticipation.
Thanks guys

So far i have only watched the first 2 episodes but will carry on
The Goes Wrong Show. Hilarious stuff!

Entire episodes on Dailymotion.
Last evening GRIT was showing Lonesome Dove in two evenings. When the movie came to the good parts they had been totally stripped !! it pissed me off so bad I just turned it off. I hate it when some unknown person starts cutting up movies, especially award winning all time movies or series in this case. I have the complete movie saved but it is in a lesser resolution but I can accept that, at least it is in it's original form. One scene that was cut was when the sheriffs wife is on the canal boat and the big buffalo hunter falls in love with her. Another ragged character was trying to mess with her and the buffalo hunter gutted him with a big skinning knife and tossed him over the side. That scene was totally cut. Since there are other great scenes I figured no point in watching this butchered version. Turned it off and went to sleep.
Masters of the Air.


It feels empty, the show makes it hard for the audience to be invested in the story or even he characters.

Ep5 got released yesterday, I think, and yet I found myself not caring for any of the protagonists. Don't even remember their names, though there aren't many of them.

As opposed to Band of Brothers and The Pacific where we were "made" to care, to some extent, about the characters.
Wife chose for us to watch Friends for the umpteenth time.

Help me. Halp!


But when she's not around and there's any time I've been enjoying the second season of Halo. I became a fan, thought I wasn't because of the broken continuity but that has changed.
Wife chose for us to watch Friends for the umpteenth time.

Help me. Halp!


But when she's not around and there's any time I've been enjoying the second season of Halo. I became a fan, thought I wasn't because of the broken continuity but that has changed.
My deceased younger brother would just laugh and carry on with that show when it was first aired , he called them Groupies and hated them. Then of course they were because we people living in the 50s and up never shared our surroundings with others, we worked and lived in our own place. I still do and even if I were rich I would never allow anyone to live with me.

There was a local town drunk that lived across from me and he decided one day he would sell his little place that was paid for. He was getting money each week and stayed drunk and eventually he had to set up a tent out in the forest directly behind where I live. So winter comes round and he's out there in the cold and I told the guy you can sleep in my Truck if you need to. He put his sleeping bag and some personal things in the front seat and they stayed there for about a year but he never used the Truck, his son that lives about a block from me took him in. I finally tossed the things in the bed and I keep his sleeping blanket to lie on when I need to work on my truck. Now this about the best I can offer as a friend.
Constellation on Apple TV+.
The first 4 episodes in, not bad - very well made, acted etc. In fact the first episode very much reminds Gravity, and doesn't fall in quality from, which is a high bar. However, the plot line/mystery is kind of obvious (perhaps intentionally, and a "surprise" later?) and somewhat depressing. We'll see.

Absolutely fantastic. Every bit as good as it looks in the trailer. The production quality, the cast, acting, dialogs - everything is top notch. Some compared it to GoT, and whilst an apparent blasphemy, if the quality holds, I'd say it's a worthy contender/successor.
Yep loving Shogun, can't wait for the next episode.
Shogun is pretty amazing, indeed.

And they did an awesome job with the costumes.

Masters of the Air; that finale episode reinforced my disappointment in that tv show.
Couldn't feel myself invested in any of the characters and/or story arcs. Boring overall.
Enjoying it more and more 😀
Shogun, Bosch Legacy, The Three-body problem.
Masters of the air was the disappointment of the year for me.
I reread Shogun a few months ago, I would have liked to see a few things in the series- (pld like Hiromatsu forcing his son to crawl on his knees to the slaying site because " he is no longer a man but a dog" but so far I really like the series. Yabu is my favorite:)
Currently watching Resident Alien got hooked immediately. I discovered it just now😅

Great show got hooked immediately.

And today at least over here in Germany Fallout will start!!!!

I just love the game. So I watched the trailer and it seems promising.
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