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Video Nightflyers - RR Martin SciFi series (gore)

Discussion in 'All Non Military Discussion' started by AAR Galileo, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. AAR Galileo

    AAR Galileo Mi Sergeant TAARB MI.Net Member Mi.Net Supporter

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  2. Bombardier

    Bombardier Admin & Arbiter Staff Member Site Admin

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    Looks interesting, not sure if I like scary movies though mil-smile04
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  3. BravoZulu Australia

    BravoZulu Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator TAARB

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    Looks good but TBH, Mr Martin needs to get his sh*t together and publish something for his book series of "Game of Thrones", he is years behind (by his own admission) and has no known date for the next written instalment. He has admitted being completely taken up with the TV series of GoT which has outpaced the books and now has a different story line than the published works.

    I love the GoT books and the TV series has my interest however, I think the lure of the megabuck has gained control of Mr Martin :mad::(
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