Intro Another newb introduction thread


Mi Staff Sergeant
MI.Net Member
Oct 4, 2023
Retired US Army. Enlisted Regular Army 1991, released from active duty 2011 and placed on the retired list and transferred to the Army Reserve. Went to places, did some things, was never a cool guy, and embraced enough BS until I could pull the plug and get the benefits.

I'm not into current affairs, politics especially the far left or far right kind, religion squabbling's, or attach my identity into the brands of things that I own or dislike, nor care for sportsball of any type. I dislike narcissists, campy persons, and anyone out to put others down just for the sake of doing so, pretty boring but I prefer to live and let live. Besides, if I wanted all of the above well there's Facebook.

I'm into camping, hiking, training with my guns by actual vetted places of instruction, gun golf, avid reloader, and music.

Thanks for having me but I prefer to mostly lurk into the activities that I enjoy.

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