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Apr 13, 2019
We've still got over a week to go, but what are you giving, what are you getting?

I reckon I might be up for a Lynx Africa gift bag this year. At best.
Work gave me the National Safety Suckhole award for December, so that comes with a couple of hundred dollar gift card, which is nicer than getting called a safety nerd/recognition by my peers...
Xmas hampers for the mob across the Tasman, a JBL sound bar for Mum and Dad, as their new TV has a speaker that may have been used in a KFC drive through speaker box in a past life.
Giving my partner a necklace, and a mixed haul of various cosmetics.

My mother is getting a frying pan (hehe) and a box of Lindt chocolates.

My father will be getting a fancy scarf.

MIL is getting a purse, FIL a sweater.

My cousin and his wife will be getting a mixed haul of beer and its glassware.

Their son is getting Lego.

And the aunt and uncle inviting us a bottle of fine Champagne ?.

What am I getting? Dunno yet, but here’s a thread I started earlier today: https://www.militaryimages.net/threads/merry-christmas-🎄and-happy-holidays-all.10683/#post-260120 complimenting the wider Mi.net community for their posts, contributions and for the most part good behavior.
I mostly went with jewelry for wifey, daughters & grandkids. SiL gets a pumper pellet pistol. The big challenge for me is trying to convince
them I REALLY don't want anything. Recently bought myself an 1889 Prussian infantry officer's sword, and that will hold me for a while gift-wise.
IMG_0081 (2).JPG
Wife is getting a bunch of items for the kitchen that she wanted: baking/cooling racks, tongs, dutch oven, etc. and a new garage door that she can control from her phone and me installing it.
Kid and his girlfriend are getting some gaming/racing simulator stuff and a week of dates: escape room, axe throwing, restaurant gift certs, and the like.

I'm most likely getting a new rifle hard case from her.
Early Christmas present to myself couldn't pass it up when it was offered here in Transylvania.
1. III Reich M.35 Beaded helmet as used by Police and Luftschutz, 100% original, very good condition.


1964 Royal Navy Submariner Association Beret, love the Silver bullion cap badge, also in 100% good condition.
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Wow, C Ranger! You got a nice haul there!

Cross post from the drinking thread:

We are giving a lot of alcohol, but I am giving my wife some genuine sapphire earrings. She got me this guitar last year, so I cannot really day I’ve still done enough! Photos I took for the 2021 loot thread, but never posted…


Early Christmas present to myself couldn't pass it up when it was offered here in Transylvania.
1. III Reich M.35 Beaded helmet as used by Police and Luftschutz, 100% original, very good condition.

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1964 Royal Navy Submariner Association Beret, love the Silver bullion cap badge, also in 1005 good condition.
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Noone can say that you're a boring person!
Wife didn't get me the rifle case I was expecting, maybe she's got it set aside for my birthday Friday. She got me a 50W 2M/70CM Ham radio (my call sign is W1DCS) for the Jeep and a smoker box w/wood chips for the grill. Son and his girlfriend got me shooting sand bag rests and a new pair of binoculars.
Paid $2000 ticket for my sis to pick up my mom, cause US healthcare sucks bawls.

Got a box of Euro Christmas loot today. My close friend sent knives: Bottom is a Puma "scout" style knife from the 60s. 8./5" (or 21cm) blade. You could skin a moose and walrus in one day - after stabbing them to death with it. Middle is a "nicker".
IMG_0120 (3).JPG

Nicker is unremarkable except the handle is cast off just right for left-handed people - like me!
IMG_0122 (2).JPG


IMG_0124 (2).JPG

Also in the box were 2 Brit medals. I'll check around to find the back story on them.

Included for the kids was a kilo each of chocolates from a shop in the town where my friend lives. I've been in there and what a pleasant aroma!
They also sent a Fleddy Melculy T-shirt for younger daughter. She's a big fan and even has a signed, dedicated posted from him.

It was smiles all around here today! :D
The Defence Medal (on the right) was awarded for non-operational service in the Armed Forces, the Home Guard, the Civil Defence Service and other approved civilian services during the period from 3 September 1939 to 8 May 1945 (2 September 1945 for those serving in certain specified territories in the Far East and the Pacific),[4] with an earlier end date for members of organisations that stood-down before May 1945.

The qualification requirement for the award of the War Medal 1939–1945 (the one on the left) to full-time military personnel was 28 days of service, wherever rendered. Qualifying service in the Merchant Navy was 28 days of service anywhere at sea during the qualifying period. Foreign citizens commissioned or enlisted into British Forces, who did not receive a similar award to the War Medal 1939–1945 from their own Governments, were also eligible to qualify for the award of this medal.

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