Question? why military series had seal all most?


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Jun 2, 2017
i never seen about green beret,ranger,pj/cct,recon,diver,sniper,etc
That's a good question. And it's not just TV shows. Whenever I go to a book store and check the military history section, I have a feeling that I see books with Navy Seal operator on the cover more than any other.

Might be that this is the special unit that the public knows the most and it sells the best. It's a marketing strategy. IMO.
While not unique to seals, one thing I have noticed is most storytellers prefer to work with small groups rather the unit size of characters the size the army or marines generally would send.

So special forces unit sizes are attractive to them both in scale of action going on around, and also to give most of the characters enough time to be developed and distinctive. Plus if in film or TV keeps the cast size/budget reasonable.
Its just marketing.
Kind of the same with UK, everything is SAS, you dont find same number of books dealing with SBS, Para, RM Commando, etc.

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