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Apr 22, 2004
I thought these photos of a quirky Finnish vehicle called (I Think) an 'Aerosled' would interest some of you.
They are free to use according to the source website as long as the website is credited.

They were used by Finnish troops during the 'Winter War'

Aerosled Haapasaari.jpg
Aerosled Helsinki-Katajanokka.jpg
Aerosled Limosaari.jpg
Aerosled location unknown 01.jpg
Aerosled location unknown 02.jpg
Aerosled location unknown 03.jpg
Aerosled near Aanislinna in February 1944 02.jpg
Aerosled near Aanislinna in February 1944 03.jpg
Aerosled near Aanislinna in February 1944.jpg
Aerosled near Hanko in November 1941.jpg
Great post @Bigbird
Prompted me to take a closer look at these weird machines, it would seem they were a Russian vehicle initially however these ones are clearly showing Finnish markings so obviously employed by them also.
They were called Aerosani

Here is a brief segment of information from Wikipedia, the remainder of the article can be found by clicking HERE

Military use of the aerosani goes back to at least the 1910s. During WWI, aerosanis were found to be useful for reconnaissance, communicating and light raiding in northern areas. During the 1939–40 Winter War against Finland, some were equipped with a machine-gun ring mount on the roof. They could carry four to five men, and tow four more on skis. The aerosanis were initially used for transport, liaison, and medical evacuation in deep snow, and mostly used in open country and on frozen lakes and rivers because of their poor hill-climbing ability and limited maneuverability on winding forest roads.

Hi @anselmo1
These vehicles were pretty useless uphill though. The fins were a formidable enemy for the Russians during the 'Winter War'

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