Mil News Russia unilaterally decides to redraw maritime borders with Lithuania and Finland in the Baltic Sea


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Apr 30, 2019
Russian authorities have decided unilaterally to change the country’s maritime borders with Lithuania and Finland in the Baltic Sea, according to a draft government decree published on the legal acts portal, reported The Moscow Times.

The document, prepared by the Russian Defense Ministry, says that Russia intends to declare part of the waters in the eastern Gulf of Finland and territory near the cities of Baltiysk and Zelenogradsk in the Kaliningrad region as its internal waters.

To achieve this objective, Russia has changed the geographical coordinates of the points that define the baselines from which the width of Russia’s territorial sea and the adjacent zone along the coast and islands are measured.

The document on the border revision, which the Finnish and Lithuanian foreign ministries have not yet officially commented on, was presented for public discussion almost simultaneously with the start of exercises on the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

Ehm? Never heard you can unilaterally move borders.

How about no?
Didn't we know lads that this was coming...... Here we go, part II 🧐 :oops:
Yes, we have been anticipating this. Russia is dead set on creating problems, where there haven't been any problems. Since we don't have a long history of open disputes, we aren't generally a$$holes to Russians in Finland and we don't want to have the outhouse they have turned the Karelia into, their reasoning is hilariously idiotic in every case they have tried. They have to change the borders because the maps don't match the geographic situation? What does that even mean and how does the geographic situation even change?
It was a prank! Or a mistake by summer intern.

The Russian proposals were no longer visible on Wednesday with only the message "draft deleted" remaining on the page. A Russian source later told Tass and other news agencies there were no plans to revise Russia's territorial waters in the Baltic.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov referred all enquiries to the defence ministry, pointing out that "there is nothing political here", while making the point that the political situation had changed since the 1980s: "You can see the level of confrontation, especially in the Baltic region."
The Russian border guard removed the buoys marking the waterway from Estonian waters on the Narva River

On the night of May 23, the Russian border guard removed the buoy placed in Estonian waters from the Narva River, which is used to mark the shipping lane. The Police and Border Guard Board is waiting for explanations from the Russian side and the return of the buoys. According to Eerik Purgel, head of the Border Guard Office of the East Prefecture, every spring, Estonia and Russia install buoys in the Narva River to mark shipping lanes. "If the temporary control line is permanently marked on the land border, the river bed changes over time, which is why we review the marking of the waterway every spring. If before the start of the war in Ukraine, the installation of buoys was largely by mutual agreement, from 2023, Russia will not agree with Estonia's position regarding the location of the buoys," he said.

Now they are using authorities to steal Estonian buoys from Narva river...

That nation has nukes.

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