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My father, John Henry Terry Ford, was one of the volunteers who joined up in London. He was also one of the 13 who didn't return with the rest and was captured by the Gestapo in Oslo in April 1940. They weren't shot at dawn as believed but were taken as POW's to Wulzberg. He was then moved to Tost and then Stalag 7 before escaping in early 1945. I am trying to find out how he bacame a volunteer as he was discharged from the army (Royal Hussars) on 18th November 1937. I don't know what he did between 1937 and 1939.

Hi I have a memoir from Charles Averill which refers to his friend Jack Ford. They escaped together in Sep 1942 but were recaptured. I have just found your post. John and Jack must be the same? Do you have any further info? Thanks
Hi, I would like to bring your attention to an article from the Picture Post Magazine dated 16th March 1940. which has photos and brief ( slightly fictitious) write ups 8 volunteers which include John Hurman (My father) and Edward Graham. see for some more detail.

I have attached photos as well. Edward Graham was the pseudonym for Prince Emanuel Galitzine the son of

My father had been living with the Galitzine family before the war.
When I say fictitious write ups for instance my father was not half Irish and not really a pilot. Kermit Roosevelt was not a Major in the Middlesex see his wiki page. Edward Graham was not Scotch South African. This was all obfuscation should they become prisoners.

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Anyway I hope some enjoys reading this.
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