finnish winter war

  1. Finnish soldiers - Winter War

    Finnish soldiers - Winter War

  2. Dave Every

    Photos Simo Hayha (the White Death)

    Finnish Winter War Without doubt the best sniper that ever lived
  3. Battle for Finland

    Battle for Finland

    A photo of finnish soldiers in snow covered trenches during the winter war
  4. Bigbird

    Photos Finland (winter War)

    I thought these photos of a quirky Finnish vehicle called (I Think) an 'Aerosled' would interest some of you. They are free to use according to the source website as long as the website is credited. They were used by Finnish troops during the 'Winter War'
  5. Rocket launcher of Panzerwerfer is being loaded

    Rocket launcher of Panzerwerfer is being loaded

    WWII - The rocket launcher of Panzerwerfer is being loaded in Finland winter 1943-44
  6. B_4_1


  7. mineman65

    Eino Luukkanen part 1

    Eino Luukkanen was 3rd ranking fighter ace in FAF after WWII. During the war time he flew Fokker D.XXI, Brewster B-239, Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2 and Bf 109G-6. I will have some of his stories here for you to read. WINTER WAR THE STORM BREAKS The next morning, the second day of the war...
  8. Church is burning

    Church is burning

    Winter War, Finland. Church is burning in Sortavala after Russian bombing 3rd Feb 1940.
  9. US Newspaper

    US Newspaper

    From US newspaper during Winter War.
  10. Polikarpov I-16

    Polikarpov I-16

    Finnish Air Force, Winter War. Polikarpov I-16 fighter at the factory at Tampere in February 1940.
  11. Winter War

    Winter War

    Winter War, operations between December 1939 till January 1940.
  12. Norwegian volunteers

    Norwegian volunteers

    Winter War, Finnish Army. During January 1940 arrives many volunteers from around the world, however mainly from Nordic countries. In photo some Norwegian volunteers in their battle equipments somewhere in Northern Finland.
  13. Fire and movement

    Fire and movement

    Finnish Army, Winter War. Fire and movement. Soldiers rush forward during a battle in Saija, Lapland on 21 February 1940.
  14. Swedish volunteers

    Swedish volunteers

    Winter War. Swedish volunteers on skis. Soldiers are carrying anti-tank rifles on their back.
  15. Enemy in sights

    Enemy in sights

    Winter War, Finnish Army. Soldier with rapid-fire rifle firing enemy in Karelian Isthmus February 1940
  16. 152 H 09-30

    152 H 09-30

    This was the modernized model of the 152 H 09 and numerous changes were made to the gun and carriage. 14 weapons were captured during the Winter War by Finnish Army and they fired 3 985 shots against their former owners
  17. FAF Fokker C.XII

    FAF Fokker C.XII

    Winter War. Dutch Fokker C.XII fighter. Best fighter in Finnish Air Forces during Winter War with about 120 air victories. In late 1930s Finland bought 7 plane from Holland and just few months before Winter War, 35 was made in Finland