B-26 Marauders of the 322nd Bomb Group line up for take off behind a B-26 (serial number 41-34959) nicknamed "Clark's Little Pill". RAF Andrews Field, England, October 1943
Marine fighter pilots in a ready room on Bougainville, before they take off on a bomber escort mission against Rabaul. 12 February 1944
An anti tank crew load their weapon to defend against German assault on newly-won positions in Rapido River area. In background lie German-held Cassino heights and snow capped Mt. Cairo. 11 February 1944
Group view of the 41st Corps of Engineers soldiers, an African American army battalion, standing in formation and holding the American flag in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. 1942
Soldiers driving a jeep through a sugar cane field. Camp O'Reilly, Puerto Rico 13 February 1943
The expression of Technical-Sergeant Donald V. Birdsall says it all. OTD in 1944. Riddled by four hundred bullet holes, its waist section gutted by fire and one of its remaining two engines still aflame, Liberator "Bag O' Bolts" managed to return home.
B-24D Liberator "Betsy" from 321st BS, 90th BG, 5th AF on a mission to Wewak, New Guinea, 24 February 1944
Soldiers move along the banks of the Rur/Roer river near Jülich Germany - February 1945
Soldier with German prisoner along the banks of the Rur/Roer river near Jülich Germany - February 1945
M3 Lee Medium Tank equipped with the longer 75mm M3 cannon with Company I, 3rd Bn, 13th Armored Regiment, 1st Armored Division in Tunisia - Feb/Mar 1943
Marines unload equipment & supplies onto the sands of Iwo Jima from landing craft - February 19, 1945
7th Army M35 Prime Mover towing an M1 8” / 203mm gun with the 575th Field Artillery Battalion through Mommenheim, France on the way to the front - February 26, 1945
The M35 was a turretless M10 Tank Destroyer used as an artillery tractor
M3 Lee medium tanks with the short 75mm M2 cannon in Tunisia - Early 1943. Note the counterweights on the end of the 75mm barrels
"I" Company (the slanted "L" tactical marking), 3rd Battalion, 13th Armored Regiment, U.S. 1st Armored Division.
Dazed US Soldiers injured by a hand grenade dropped by a German prisoner (Centre, dead on the ground) they had been escorting along the banks of the Rur/Roer river near Jülich Germany - February 1945
Note the US Soldier on the ground on the left trying to get up…LIFE Magazine Photographer George Silk was injured during this incident
M3 Halftrack & Soldiers of the US 5th Armored Division, 15th Armored Infantry Battalion in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - February 1945

USS LCI(G)-441, alongside USS Nevada (BB-36) recovering the dead (S1/c J.R. Scott of Macon, GA. killed at his GQ station) and wounded crew members after being hit by enemy fire off the invasion beaches of Iwo Jima on 17 February 1945.
A Marine Corps Grumman TBF Avenger gets an overhaul in its revetment on Bougainville by its mechanics. In the foreground is a 2,000 pound bomb waiting to be loaded. 16 February 1944
M5A1 Stuart Tank with the US 3rd Armored Division in Köln / Cologne Germany - March 1945

The same corner now
USS Enterprise gunnery crews practice with their 20mm anti-aircraft guns off Hawaii, May 1942.

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